Why does buttermilk usually only come in 32-ounce containers? I’ve never in my life needed much more than a cup, never mind four. I’ve washed precious amounts of all that tangy goodness down the drain once the expiration dates has come and gone, that is until recently when I learned this fantastic little fact:


Now, after adding what I need to a recipe, I pour one cup portions of buttermilk into freezer-friendly bags or containers and store them in the ice box. Then, the next time I need it, no special trip to the store required. I just defrost the buttermilk in the fridge or on the counter and it’s “recipe ready” for fluffy pancakes, tender biscuits, and buttery scones.

Another terrific use for leftover buttermilk?  Homemade crème fraîche.  Go here to learn how.

What tips do you have for buttermilk?