With Thanksgiving behind us, it was a quieter Week in Food. Here’s a peek at a handful of photos captured with my iphone over the past week or so.

Loving cold-weather fruits in salads such as this one made for a workday lunch: butter lettuce, radiccio, persimmons, goat cheese, hazelnuts dressed with white wine vinegar, olive oil, a smidge of honey, salt, pepper.

Homemade turkey broth = liquid gold as far as I’m concerned. This batch is tucked in the freezer awaiting a future in a lovely pot a something. Risotto? Mushroom soup?

Nice to see a company downsize its products for a change, instead of supersize. Odwalla makes 6.75-ounce smoothies, which is a more appropriate size, especially for kids, than their original 12-ouncers.

Night out with the family at Hog Island Oyster. The kids weren’t especially keen on the notion of a seafood platter, but went in big when it landed in front of them.

Looking forward to sinking my teeth into this charming little cookbook all about madelines…a gift from my editor at Chronicle Books. Thanks Amy!

Thought this blue coffee cup was so cute, I wanted to slip it right into my purse. The kids said I should stop taking pictures of china at restaurants.

How was your week in food?


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  1. Pamela
    11.30.2012 at 6:11 AM #

    never stop taking pictures of china~~`better than taking the china!

    • katiemorford
      11.30.2012 at 10:17 AM #

      Good point!

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