From the looks of this cake you’d never guess that a full two cups of raw vegetables go into the batter. From the taste of it you’d never suspect the presence of beets and zucchini either. But grated raw vegetables aren’t reason enough to bake this cake; it’s more a nutritious perk. Do it because it’s satisfying to make a bundt cake and to display it on your countertop in all its glossy gorgeousness. Mostly though, bake this cake because it tastes delicious.

The recipe is from Jennie Schacht’s inspiring cookbook Farmers’ Market Desserts. The vegetables lend moisture and sturdiness to the cake while helping to maintain a tender crumb. I suspect back in the day, vegetables went into cake batter when there was a surplus in the garden. I can’t think of a more decadent way to use up the overgrown zucchini teaming in my vegetable boxes at the moment.

When I served the cake to my kids, I didn’t tell them about the vegetables. It’s not because I was trying to pull one over on them, but because I was curious to see if they’d notice. They didn’t. What they did do, was ask for seconds.

Now, I’m off to the garden….I’ve got a cake to bake.


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  1. 08.11.2011 at 10:05 AM #

    Katie, thanks so much for sharing one of my favorite chocolate cakes. Yours looks gorgeous! On the subject of hiding veggies, that honestly wasn’t my intent with this one — it’s just a side benefit. The zukes and beets are in there purely because it makes a better cake — moist and earthy and deeply satisfying. There are still plenty of butter, eggs, and cream in there, but it’s about half what you’d need without the veggies. Happy baking!

    • katiemorford
      08.11.2011 at 10:55 AM #

      Thanks for the comment, Jennie. Agreed…a side benefit….and sort of interesting as well.

  2. Kristen
    08.11.2011 at 10:14 AM #

    I had a slice of this and it was moist and delicious and chocolatey…a winner!

    • katiemorford
      08.12.2011 at 10:22 PM #

      Thank you!

  3. 08.11.2011 at 10:28 AM #

    Katie — This looks yummy. Thank you! I have and use Jessica Seinfeld’s book but the kids know what’s in stuff — they often request the spinach brownies! 🙂

    • katiemorford
      08.12.2011 at 10:22 PM #

      oohhh….I’ve made black bean brownies…but not spinach ones. I’m intrigued.

  4. 08.12.2011 at 5:30 AM #

    What a cake! But in all honesty, wouldn’t it be better to just have them eat the veggies without the chocolate. I hope I can get around to trying this one once they are back in playschool and I will have some time to be a person again. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Peter
    08.14.2011 at 9:19 PM #

    With a full house and house guests for the weekend, the cake was perfect. It was enjoyed at all times of the day, with ice cream for dessert and in sneaked slices.

    • katiemorford
      08.15.2011 at 6:48 AM #

      The sneaked slices are the best kind.

  6. Charlotte
    11.21.2011 at 8:49 AM #

    I made this the other night for dessert at our neighbor’s and it was a big hit. The kids and adults all loved it. I made a little whipped cream on the side which never hurts. I pulled the cake out at 42 minutes and the toothpick was not comPletely clean, but I’m glad I pulled it out when I did as I think it would have been dry otherwise. Thanks, katie! This was delicious and even made me feel a little healthy while eating chocolate cake 🙂

    • katiemorford
      11.21.2011 at 8:54 AM #

      Awesome. I love getting the feedback. I agree, cooking it just right is key. And ovens do differ so best to check early and play it safe rather than risk over-baking.

  7. 07.18.2012 at 1:46 PM #

    Hi Katie,

    I’m new to your delightful site (by way of Snack Girl) and glad that you put your RD out there! (I think credibility is everything!)

    I am disappointed that you did not compare the nutritional defferences of this cake recipe with a more traditional chocolate cake. I have not looked at other recipes you’ve posted yet, but I find the nutritional analysis of recipes very helpful.

    With just the brief exploring I’ve done on your site, I’m so glad that you’re out there, promoting a healthful approach to raising more open-minded (when it comes to food) kids and to cooking.

    Mary Fujii, RD

    • katiemorford
      07.18.2012 at 4:50 PM #

      Hi Mary

      So glad you found me. It would be interesting to do a comparison of the cake to a traditional one. I’ll add that to my to do list. What would be interesting is not just to consider the fat/calories, but also to think about the added nutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals the beets and zucchini might add. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Heather
    08.15.2012 at 8:42 PM #

    This cake looks like the answer for the out-of-control zucchini situation that greets summer’s end… I’ve been on a chocolate zucchini bread bender, but this looks sexier! Can I swap canola oil for the butter and if so, how much? Thanks!

    • katiemorford
      08.16.2012 at 4:20 AM #

      It seems to me that canola oil would work in a cake like this. The flavor may be slightly affected but I imagine it would still be delicious and tender. The only way to know for sure is to make it! If you do, report back!

  9. Julie
    11.19.2013 at 6:13 AM #

    Wow! This is a delicious cake. My family didn’t believe it had beets and zucchini in it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. 07.31.2015 at 9:14 AM #

    I love how you sneaked in some beets and zucchini, I would have never known until i saw the ingredients! Veggies do wonderful things when added to baked goods!

    • katiemorford
      07.31.2015 at 10:18 AM #

      I agree….they make this cake super moist and it remains very decadent tasting.

  11. 07.31.2015 at 1:12 PM #

    My own preference, I cry when veggies aren’t in baked goods, pancakes, etc 😉 ALWAYS add them, but I do make every vegan so that may be why too 😉

    • katiemorford
      08.01.2015 at 7:46 AM #

      Too funny. Yes, to veggies in pancakes!


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