An Epic Giveaway (plus 5 Tips for Entertaining in the Time of Covid)

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I’ve been rethinking the word “entertaining” of late. With Covid ever lurking, I’m not going to be hosting parties of 14 crammed around my dining table or serving cocktails for a crowd in my living room. Still, I’m determined to play hostess. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend time with the people I love. It’s just going to look a little different. Below are five ways I’ve found to gather, even if it’s just with my own family, while we ride this thing out.

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tips for entertaining during covid

My 5 Entertaining Tips

1. Get Outside 

First up is to cook and eat outdoors. We know that outside is the safest place to socialize these days. Over the past several months, I’ve sharpened my skills at the grill, so that I don’t have to hide away in the kitchen while all the fun happens in the backyard. My recent acquisition of an OFYR Grill from Weston Table has been a game changer for al fresco cooking that produces enough heat to double as an outdoor heater. It’s turned my deck into a cooking oasis and since it has a 39-inch grill plate, it provides built-in distance for connecting with friends.

2. Make Small Special 

So often we think of entertaining to mean a crowd. But small can be special, even if it is just your immediate family, spouse, or a close friend. I like to take a page from the Weston Table tagline “Everyday Extraordinary” and try to make the effort. In this “ground hog day” of a moment we’re having, doing something as simple as setting a pretty table, lighting candles, or arranging flowers can offer a much-needed lift.  

3. Socialize with Some Distance

I recently went to a birthday tea for a friend who did a genius job under the circumstances. She set up a small table for each of the five of us on her back deck, spaced six feet apart. It was close enough to converse, but not too close for comfort. As for food, each table was set with its own plate of tea sandwiches and scones. It’s a concept that can be spun in many directions, from a few friends to a family of four set up at a separate table. Don’t have outdoor space? Move the whole operation to a park or the beach and enjoy your company there.

how to entertain during covid

4. Make Snack Boards

Whether it’s just a single friend or another family you’re hosting, it’s easy to do up two separate snack boards, one for you and one for them. It’s a way to share the same meal, just not on the same plate. Anything goes on the boards, from classics, like cheese and olives, to a s’mores board for dessert.

5. Keep it Simple

I recently heard the term “culinary fatigue” for how a lot of us are feeling right now. We’re all cooking in more, eating out less, and having everyone underfoot round-the-clock. If that sounds like you, there’s no reason why entertaining has to be complicated. Get your grill going, where you can cook everything from pork chops to pizza. If you have guests outside your pandemic pod, consider having them bring their own food and take turns at the grill. Open a favorite wine or make a simple mocktail and remember that it’s about the people you gather more than what’s on your plate.

About that Giveaway!

I’m joining forces with Weston Table, an online retailer for all things cooking and entertaining, on a giveaway package valued at $7500 that will set you up for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment. Here’s what it includes:

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09.24.2020 at7:14 AM #

Joanne Peterson

These are terrific ideas! It gives me some good solid ideas. I used to entertain for large crowds, but for outside and small, yes, it is the way to go. Because my husband has many food issues concerning his health, we rarely go out to eat. Culinary fatigue, this describes perfectly what I’ve been feeling with everyone home for every single meal for months, not always able to purchase what I had easily been able to purchase in the past.

09.24.2020 at7:14 AM #

Katie Morford

I’m glad this resonated, Joanne. Hang in there.

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