A Mother’s Day Giveaway You Don’t Want to Miss

No single word exists that properly captures the scope of what moms do on a daily basis to raise good citizens. Bathe, cuddle, scold, feed, cry, read, run, nurse, rock, massage, clean, bandaid, swaddle, pretend, burp, storytell, comfort, wipe, dress, soothe, listen. The list could go on for miles.

There is one word, though, that comes pretty close: nurture.

It’s a good word.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it was high time that moms get a little nurturing too. So, I’m hosting a giveaway featuring my hands-down favorite everyday tote along with an accompanying Heirloom Produce Wrap.

This is no ordinary tote. It’s a Millie Lottie Branch Tote, much like the one my family gave me for Mother’s Day last year that’s been slung over my shoulder ever since. I also gifted one to my own mom and she’s equally smitten.

What I love most about the design, beyond it’s clean good looks, is that it’s lined inside, making it impervious to moisture. This makes it excellent for hauling to the farmers’ market, filling up for a picnic, or using as a travel bag. You can learn more about the bags (and the mompreneur behind the brand) by heading here.

I’ve got a prize for a second lucky mom (I wish I could pull an Oprah and bestow something on every one of you). It’s a new and very special cookbook called A New Way to Food. Written by Maggie Battista, it’s inspired by her own journey learning to make peace with food and nourish herself in the kitchen. The recipes are crave-worthy and the writing is like a warm hug in book form.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below sharing what you love most about being a mom or what you appreciate about your own mom. You can earn extra entries by heading to Instagram and entering the contest there. You have to be 18 years or older to win and live in the United States. Contest ends at midnight PST on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th.


05.05.2019 at5:03 PM #

Carolina Trotter

I love the good night snuggles I get before my kids go to bed…they always make me feel better after a long day ❤️

05.05.2019 at5:51 PM #


I’m constantly surprised how my mom loves me so completely and unconditionally and I’m in my 40s! A mother’s love is forever. Her love example increases the love I have for my daughters. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! (Let’s start celebrating now!)

05.06.2019 at3:29 AM #


I absolutely love how complete my life feels now that I have my children. They fill a big that i never knew I had. While nursing my son now after being up for over an hour in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, I still feel my heart flutter through tired burning eyes. Even during the most physically and mentally draining day at work and someone asks me how I’m doing, all I want is to hold my children because they can always bring a smile to my face. I am so proud and lucky to have joined this club if motherhood! Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

05.06.2019 at3:29 AM #


I love watching my children learn and experience the world!

05.06.2019 at3:39 AM #


Being a mama has deepened my experience of living. It connects me to mothers and caregivers everywhere and makes me feel a part of something bigger. I love the feeling of joy I get seeing my kids after a day away. They are a reason for being stronger than any other I have known.

05.06.2019 at3:42 AM #


I love watching my toddlers grow and learn! I’m amazed daily by the things they figure out and remember. And a hug from little arms sure does heal a lot of hurts.

05.06.2019 at3:51 AM #

Lisa Langston

The two best days of my life were when my children were born. I didn’t know how much I could love until they were born.

05.06.2019 at4:15 AM #

maureen bird

I am the mother of two grown boys. The absolute best part of mothering is seeing the incredibly close relationship they share. It is hands down the thing I am most proud of in my life.

05.06.2019 at4:17 AM #

Melissa Bell

I love being “Mom” because they come to me for comfort and advice. Being able to guide them and provide for them is such a joy!

05.06.2019 at4:18 AM #

Karen Singer

I love the changes through the years. My lovely daughter, an only child now in her forties has become one of my best friends and teaches me as much as I have taught her about life.

05.06.2019 at4:23 AM #


I love watching their faces light up! I love their snuggles and when they tell me stories.

05.06.2019 at4:34 AM #

Sarah Newman

I love that being a mom has made me a better person in so many ways and when my kids come to me for hugs and tell me they love me, nothing is better.

05.06.2019 at4:37 AM #

Kelly Grecco

Since last Mother’s Day, my daughter has married. I love being Mom now to not only my own children, but my dear new son as well. It warms my heart that he calls me Mom!

05.06.2019 at4:49 AM #


I love seeing my kids’ smiles and laughs! And not to mention when they make me laugh 😊🥰

05.06.2019 at4:58 AM #


When I think back on my childhood and how my mother always took care of us, I find it invaluable now exploring my own journey in motherhood. I also love those kisses my boys give me.

05.06.2019 at5:02 AM #


I love my son’s smile and the way he says “mom” and when he lets me hold his hand. I appreciate, more than ever now, my own mom and everything that she does for me.

05.06.2019 at5:13 AM #


I love exploring the world with them. I lead a Girl Scout troop and last night we did goat yoga. It was hilarious and amazing to watch these girls, two were mine, try yoga while goats climbed on their backs. This experience and countless others are mine to share because of my daughter’s.

05.06.2019 at5:37 AM #


I love seeing their 4-year-old genuine joy and how they can make each other laugh.

05.06.2019 at5:45 AM #

Erin Southward

I appreciate my mom’s patience, especially after having my own kids! I love the snuggles I get when they first wake up in the morning.

05.06.2019 at5:57 AM #


I love seeing my kids light up when they really get something for the first time. This is even better when I can share that appreciation with my mom witnessing it, too!

05.06.2019 at6:08 AM #


I love my mom’s ability to make me laugh in a difficult time and really appreciate all her sacrifices to be a good mom.

05.06.2019 at6:28 AM #

Margie Johnson

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Watching my children grow into loving, responsible, caring, giving, strong adults has been the greatest joy of my life. There is absolutely nothing that can compare!!

05.06.2019 at7:32 AM #

Diane M Rainbolt

I love the quiet moments of wonder and amazement when my kids learn something new or spot something on our nature walks (a bird’s egg, a neat stone, an intriguing bug, )

05.06.2019 at8:16 AM #


I love it when they come into their own sense of humor.

05.06.2019 at8:26 AM #


I love the little moments of connection with my kiddos

05.06.2019 at8:40 AM #

rana durham


05.06.2019 at8:42 AM #

E Nichols

I love that my kids would rather cuddle than watch tv (well most of the time!)

05.06.2019 at9:13 AM #

Melissa Mietzel

The sense of purpose and meaning my child gave to me. I no longer ask myself “why am I here?” — all I need to do is look at him, and there’s my answer. He puts everything in perspective, he provides me with a natural hierarchy of priorities, and he is at the top. (Yes, I love my husband, and he is my #1, but that is a different kind of love, so I do not compare them.)

The way you love them, madly, just almost irrationally; it is a feeling that is beyond anything, just bliss. And for me, he gives me courage, because you have to be brave to be a parent. The hard stuff is the way your heart is no longer inside of you, like that saying: once you have children your heart is on the outside, inside your child or children, walking around. And yes, seeing your husband be an awesome dad, is just incredible. Then there is all the soft stuff; the giggles, the laughter, the tickles. Nothing like the sound of your child(ren) laughing, or singing somewhere in the house. [My husband] and I just look at each other when we hear that, smile, and do a high five, and affirm “our kids is awesome”.

Watching them asleep at night in a tumble of bedding and messy hair. The time they make you smell their feet and you say “ewww” and they laugh, and do it over and over and over. I guess it is those moments that you wish you could turn into gems and freeze them in time and love and memory. And their love for you. You feel so loved, your heart bursts. And when you have a crappy day at work, or people are mean to you, you come home and grubby, sticky hands grab you and you get hugs and stinky, sticky kisses and he fights over who loves Mama most. [It’s] priceless, you can’t put a value on that. It makes you realize those other people do not matter. The little one you made (’cause, isn’t that amazing if you are the Mama?) is what matters.

And OK, you asked for what we love, because, of course, there’s plenty of “and I don’t love this…” in the mix. But the light is much bigger than any of the shadow.

05.06.2019 at10:05 AM #


What I love about my mom is that somehow she finds a way to inject humor even in the darkest moments.

05.06.2019 at10:17 AM #


What I love about my mom, and what I strive to emulate, is that she never seems to tire of doing something special for all of her children and grandchildren.

05.06.2019 at10:27 AM #


My mom is such a giving person! She pays attention to what makes people happy, and goes out of her way to make that happen.

05.06.2019 at12:59 PM #

Joyce Roderick

I love holding my daughter, her arms wrapped around me, and she says she loves me more than I love her! Not possible! I’m amazed at how special our simple moments together are so full of joy.

05.06.2019 at1:01 PM #

Anne Mullen

I was sure when I saw the picture of you with the wonderful tote bag at the start of this post that you were going to give the endless list of things moms have to carry around. No one tells you that being a sherpa is part of the job description. Your list is lovelier than mine would have been. Happy Mother’s Day, Katie!

05.06.2019 at3:08 PM #

Pam R

Love watching them navigate their way in college and preparing to fully “launch”!

05.06.2019 at4:28 PM #

barbara Norton

I miss my mom terribly, but I love being a mom and passing down the love and kindnesses that she taught me!

05.06.2019 at5:05 PM #


Now that I’m a mother, I can truly appreciate all the sacrifices I realize my mother made for me. There is no love like a mother’s love.

05.06.2019 at6:16 PM #


I love my kids hugs, smiles, and notes of love!

05.06.2019 at7:11 PM #

Laura Cross

I love how proud i feel when my kids accomplish things. They are great students and kind kids.

05.06.2019 at7:33 PM #

Brooke Kerpelman

I love seeing the world through my children’s eyes, so many Aha! moments. They appreciate the simpler things in life, like turning over logs to find newts, learning to ride a bike, and singing in their first musical.

05.06.2019 at7:41 PM #

Lisa Burke

I love having my mini me to share each day with!❤️

05.07.2019 at3:58 AM #

Sarah Elworthy

My little one is looking not so little these days. I love watching her turn into herself. She is so genuinely funny. I’m constantly taken aback by this charismatic person I live with.

05.07.2019 at4:31 AM #


I love belly laughs and bear hugs with my boys!

05.07.2019 at6:13 AM #


I am a mom of two boys in their twenties. While I miss those younger days when they were little and we had so much fun together, I have to say it just gets better and better over the years, I cherish our time together! There is still hugs and kisses even though they are now adults.

05.07.2019 at11:32 AM #

Rinzin Dolma

I love that my mother has continued to bless me with her unconditional love. I plan on passing that same unconditional love to my soon to be born baby and teach him all the values and morals to become a good citizen of this world. Happy mother’s day to all the supersheroes!!!!!

05.07.2019 at12:14 PM #


I love playing games, going on adventures, and seeing my kids smile!

05.07.2019 at2:44 PM #

Beth Pottle

I love watching my girls develop into such interesting young women. They amaze me and inspire everyday!

05.07.2019 at4:42 PM #


One thing I love about being a mother is that now my adult children have married and made me a grandmother. Grandchildren are really fun!

05.07.2019 at7:48 PM #


I love watching my boys grow into responsible young men.

05.08.2019 at1:42 PM #


I am a new mom as of a little over 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love being a mom. I love loving on my son and watching him grow!

05.08.2019 at4:44 PM #


I love listening to my children play together, and watching their relationship grow!

05.08.2019 at5:49 PM #

Manda Shank

My kids are young so right now I am enjoying the hugs and snuggles

05.09.2019 at11:45 AM #


Having someone to love, as in my children, just gives me a beautiful thing to do with my life.
Happy Mother’s Day! Just bought three of your cookbooks, PREP as highschool grad gifts. Love them!

05.09.2019 at10:57 PM #


I appreciate my Mom because she’s always been there for me, even when I was a bratty teenager! Now we are best of friends!

05.10.2019 at11:39 AM #


Love the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring miracle of watching my little babies turn into young men.

05.10.2019 at4:33 PM #


What I appreciate most about my mom is that she taught me the importance of kindness and hospitality, and in our family that is often translated through food. Mom mom not only cooked most of our family meals and placed importance on family dinner time, but she taught me these things through other examples like sending meals to friends, family and neighbors (and even people she didn’t hardly know) during difficult times, making baked sweets to bring smiles to everyone’s faces, and providing memorable meals to family and friends during the holidays when all were welcome to join us. As a mom now, I can appreciate how such small gifts can have such a huge impact and bring so much comfort. My mom is making me freezer meals since I had my second son a few weeks ago as I type this. I hope I can share this love of food and compassionate sharing with my own 2 sons. For this life skill and part of who I am, I will forever be grateful to my mother.

05.10.2019 at5:16 PM #

Kristin Bush

What I appreciate most about my mom is that she’s become a best friend. You know the kind you talk to every single day and you share everything with. I appreciate that she has a unique scent about herself that it literally intoxicating. I literally love just hugging and smelling my mommy.

05.10.2019 at6:56 PM #


I appreciate the way my mom knows me like no other. I love the big hugs and snuggles from my sweet boys, but also the generous love and forgiveness in their hearts when life gets messy.

05.10.2019 at7:10 PM #


I love being a mom because I get to experience the world thru their eyes. They bring so much joy to my life.

05.10.2019 at7:21 PM #


I love learning and experiencing new things in life with my son. I also adore the smile on his face when he’s proud of his accomplishments.

05.11.2019 at3:56 AM #


I think the most important job I will ever have in my life is being a mom to my two boys. Now that they are getting to be teenagers, I am loving doing more “grown up” things with them and really starting to connect emotionally with them.

05.11.2019 at12:18 PM #

Jena Hermes

This is neat giveaway I know my mom would enjoy. I couldn’t have made it through finals without some of her frozen home cooked meals she made for me!

05.12.2019 at12:21 PM #


I love that I am raising strong , confident girls.

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