A Different Kind of Gratitude Giveaway

Each December since the start of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook — now seven years running (eeek!) — I’ve hosted a giveaway in gratitude for this community. This year, I’m feeling especially grateful. 2016 has been full of highs, including the launch of Rise & Shine, with some bumps in the road, too (mothering three teenage girls comes to mind). I’m grateful for it all, not to mention my girlfriends, my family,  and the refuge of the kitchen that (almost) always gives me joy and fuels my creativity.

Erin Scott

At any rate, I’ve decided to do things differently this year. I hope you don’t mind. Instead of a traditional giveaway, I’m directing this year’s giving to a charity by making a donation to the Child Abuse Prevention Center in the name of the Mom’s Kitchen Handbook community. That’s you!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-12-41-29-pmThis is a fabulous organization, for which I’ve volunteered over the years, affording me an inside peek at the important work they do to support families, from crisis phone counseling to hosting weekly suppers.

So….for every person who comments on this post, saying what they are grateful for, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook will donate $5 to the Child Abuse Prevention Center, capping at 100 comments. Anyone interested in making a donation of your own can do that by heading here. And don’t be shy, tell us about it in the comments section as well.

So, let’s do this!

Deadline ends Friday December 16 at midnight.

Happy Holidays to you all! And thank you for spending a little part of your 2016 with me.

photo credits: family photo, Erin Scott Studios; cupcake photo, Canva. 


12.09.2016 at4:54 AM #

Rebecca Bunting

Great idea, Katie! Keep up the good work. I love your blog and the values you infuse it with. I raised my sons in the kitchen, too, and they both cook for their families now! Children and teens are our future and I love them all. <3

12.09.2016 at5:22 AM #


What a lovely idea Katie!

12.09.2016 at6:03 AM #

Stacy Whitman

Love this idea! This year (as with most), I’m grateful for my family – three healthy kids and helpful involved husband, plus my superhero sister and elderly parents who are having a very rough go but still with us. We have our challenges like most families but I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. Thank you for keeping us inspired throughout the year with your wonderful blog.

12.09.2016 at6:28 AM #


Great idea, Katie! Thanks for another great year of good ideas and inspiration!

12.09.2016 at6:54 AM #

Anne Mullen

Helping provide a Happier Christmas for abused children is a great idea. I am so thankful for our whole family, most of which you know, and the fact that they still want to come here for Christmas. The wreaths are up and the tree is decorated, as of last night, so I’m ready. Merry Christmas to all of you, and thank you for your generous gift to the Child Abuse Prevention Center.

12.09.2016 at7:14 AM #

Firouzeh Foroutan

This is such a fantastic idea! Thank you Katie!

12.09.2016 at7:50 AM #

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition

What a beautiful giveaway to host–and what a worthy cause to support. Thank you for doing this!

12.09.2016 at7:51 AM #


Thank you!

12.09.2016 at7:54 AM #


I am so grateful for my loving family and my health. Thank you for thinking outside the box and doing such a wonderful act of kindness.

12.09.2016 at7:59 AM #


A beautiful and inspirational idea. Happy holidays!

12.09.2016 at8:01 AM #


Love this! I am grateful for my health and for the health of my family. Good health enables us to enjoy the many blessings in our lives. Thanks Katie!

12.09.2016 at8:07 AM #

Catherine Lenny

Great idea! Thank you:)

12.09.2016 at8:22 AM #


I am grateful for my health and that of my mother’s.I survived a brain aneurism and my mother has survived two types of cancer in the last two years.

12.09.2016 at8:24 AM #


Katie, this makes me so happy and I want to donate to this great organization as well. I’m grateful for the chaos in my house and that I have three healthy, happy, rambunctious kids and a wonderful husband as my partner.

12.09.2016 at8:24 AM #

Katie Morford

It’s such an amazing organization Charlotte. There is a link in this post for how to donate. Thank you!

12.09.2016 at8:48 AM #

Pamela Hochman

What a lovely idea and such a great organization. We’re grateful for our family and friends too and it’s critical for us to remember what’s most important as we enter this season of “giving”. We’ve increased our contributions this year as they are more important than ever.

12.09.2016 at8:51 AM #


What an amazing gift, Katie! You are an inspiration. I am grateful for all the love in my life. Not so grateful the fall has flown by without us walking and talking….xo

12.09.2016 at8:52 AM #

Louise Warren

This is a wonderful idea! I am grateful that we get to spend time with family having a new adventure.

12.09.2016 at8:55 AM #

Heidi Roth

Love it! What a great charity. Thanks for another year of inspiration and yummy food!

12.09.2016 at9:14 AM #


How wonderful! I am grateful for having friends and family who make me laugh and support me when I need it.

12.09.2016 at9:15 AM #


Love it!!! I’m grateful for my family’s health and happiness. ❤️❤️❤️

12.09.2016 at10:35 AM #

Dee Johnson

How wonderful! I am grateful for my supportive friends and family.

12.09.2016 at11:38 AM #


Wonderful idea! I donated to them earlier this week.

12.09.2016 at11:39 AM #

Audrey Gillette

Love that you do this! I am grateful for good health, lots of love and plenty of laughter. It seems so simple and a bit trite but they are often things we take for granted. Happy Holidays!

12.09.2016 at11:44 AM #

Meg Hart

Such a deserving cause! Thank you for supporting them in this way and over the years. They are better because of it. Grateful for so many things, especially this planet we all reside on. Now if we could just find a way to all get along!

12.09.2016 at12:43 PM #

Anne Bunn

I am grateful for health, family, and friends.

12.09.2016 at2:14 PM #

Claire Bobrow

Wonderful idea, Katie! I’m grateful for family and good friends, and for books!

12.09.2016 at2:57 PM #


Grateful for your awesome recipes, especially the yummy ginger granola!

12.09.2016 at5:15 PM #

Gloria Corley

I am grateful for my peaceful home in nature, wonderful friends, and family.

12.09.2016 at5:34 PM #

Maryann Jacobsen

I’m grateful for your blog…it’s inspiration from a wannabe foodie ; )

12.09.2016 at7:10 PM #


I am grateful for our brand new granddaughter who is eight days old today.

12.09.2016 at7:57 PM #

Kathleen C

I am grateful for my family, especially my husband and our two little girls. And I am grateful for kindnesses like this that you are sharing with your community and with us. Thank you.

12.09.2016 at11:28 PM #


What a lovely idea, Katie!! I am thankful for my family & friends obviously, but I am reminded daily how lucky I am to be apart of a community of amazing bloggers like you, of course!! 🙂
I hope you and your family have a delightful Christmas and a happy new year!!! xxxo

12.10.2016 at9:03 AM #


I am even more grateful for your blog with this wonderful idea! Thank you!

12.10.2016 at10:57 AM #


I am grateful for my amazing kids – and so grateful for good health and fun memories.

12.10.2016 at11:06 AM #


I am grateful to God for my family and our health.

12.10.2016 at11:40 AM #

Tracey Briones

Thank you for supporting CAPC — it’s such a wonderful organization.

12.10.2016 at12:14 PM #


Wonderful cause ❤️

12.10.2016 at12:31 PM #

Willow Jarosh

Love this! I’m grateful for access to food, a cozy apartment, family, and friends who are like family. xx

12.10.2016 at5:22 PM #


Three means love so here are three gratitudes:
I am grateful for the sustaining love and joy my family gives me.
I am grateful to the millions and millions of people who try to share a little kindess and make the world a better place every day.
I am grateful for chocolate.

12.10.2016 at5:26 PM #


I’m touched at your generosity! I am deeply grateful for the reminder tonight, that we can all do something to help the larger community, regardless of differences in political, religious or other beliefs. Thank you!

12.10.2016 at11:38 PM #


Grateful for the tremendous community in which we live.

12.11.2016 at8:15 AM #


Grateful for motherhood! Great giveaway, a much needed cause.

12.11.2016 at8:47 AM #

Jessica @ Nutritioulicious

What a great cause and so much more worthwhile than traditional giveaways. I’m grateful for my kids despite the chaos and my husband and good friends who keep me sane amidst the chaos!

12.11.2016 at10:54 PM #

Vi Dang

I’m grateful that both my in laws and my parents live close to me. They have been a tremendous help with caring for my kids while my husband and I are at work. I am grateful that they are healthy and alive. My mother just lost her brother to liver cancer today. He was 61.

12.11.2016 at10:55 PM #

Holley Grainger

What a great cause!

12.12.2016 at3:16 PM #


So grateful for good health in our family! We had a rough year last year and then subsequently worried about the mental health of one of our kids but things were much more stable this year.

12.12.2016 at9:43 PM #

Diane Southworth

Thanks Katie super appreciate your site!

12.12.2016 at10:43 PM #

Laurie-Ann Barbour

What a lovely idea – you are an inspiration. I’m grateful for family and friends. I’m grateful for so many abundant, healthy food options. And, I’m grateful for my new Instant Pot!

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