Four Summer Faves

Hydrate in Style

Getting plenty of water into your kids is never so important as when temperatures rise in the summer months. So I thought I’d share my favorite new kitchen acquisition: this trio of Babushkups. An “end of school year” gift to my girls from Mr. Mom’s Kitchen, these charming tumblers come in a set of three that nest one inside the next, just like the Russian dolls after which they’re modeled. I can’t imagine a cuter way to get little ones to drink up.

Lemonade anyone?

Cream Gets Fresh

Have you stumbled upon Phyllis Grant yet… the mom behind the blog Dash and Bella? She writes and photographs recipes like a dream, but swears like a sailor. A recent post began, “I’m a total whore for anchovy garlic salad dressing,” which made me squirm with discomfort and giggle in naughty delight. Not your average mommy blogger. Last week she shared this terrific “how to” on making your own crème fraiche by mixing two parts cream to one part buttermilk and letting it alone to bloom for a couple of days. She follows up with a handful of recipes using the tangy cream in all sorts of inventive dishes from a savory tart to a delicate pasta. What a delicious way to deal with leftover buttermilk: a perfect early summer cooking project with the kids (just don’t let them read her blog).

Turning up the Heat on Sodas

Sugary drinks have been in the news lately, from New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban soft drinks over 16 ounces in certain venues, to Richmond, California’s proposal for a one-cent-per-ounce tax on the November ballot. The folks at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity Research have tapped into all this tax talk and developed this nifty tool: the Revenue Calculator. Plug in your city or state and it tallies how many gallons of sugary drinks are consumed annually and how that would translate into tax income. Think Californians are healthy? We down nearly a billion gallons of soda a year.

Summertime Blues

Blueberries are everywhere right about now, at least where I happen to live. Take advantage while the getting is good. Those berries are as easy for kids to pop as any sweet treat I know of, and are little antioxidant bombs to boot. Stay tuned for a Blueberry Banana Pancake recipe coming later in the week.

What are some of your summer favorites?


06.11.2012 at10:13 PM #

kim brady

Watermelon & coconut water (blended) freezer pops. YUM!

06.11.2012 at10:13 PM #

Katie Morford

I’m all over it. Sounds like a heavenly way to stay hydrated in the summer….loads of potassium. Thanks.

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