Giveaway! a Month’s Worth Of Siggi’s Yogurt

Siggis giveawayI’m smitten with Siggi’s…have been since I first spied it in the dairy section of Whole Foods a few years ago. Meeting the man behind the brand, Siggi Hilmarsson, only furthered my fondness for his yogurt. He’s tall and lanky with a charming accent, a twinkle in his eye, and an earnestness that I don’t come by often. He makes the yogurt he grew up on in his native Iceland. Called skyr, it’s a thick, strained yogurt that relies on real fruit for flavor, nothing artificial, and very little sugar, particularly when compared to most of what you find in the supermarket.

And so, when Siggi’s reached out about doing a giveaway, I was all in. I only wish I could give each and every one of you a month’s supply of Siggi’s. For now, just one of you will be so lucky. Simply leave a comment below sharing how you like your yogurt for a chance to win. You can earn extra entries by posting a yogurt photo on instagram with the hashtag #dailysiggis, being sure to tag @momskitchenhandbook so I know you’ve done so.

May the best viking win (do they have vikings in Iceland?)

Contest entrants must be 18 years or older and live in the United States to win. Contest ends at midnight PST Wednesday November 11.



11.04.2015 at4:05 AM #

Emily Sagor

I take an individual-sized yogurt with me to have immediately after my workout to help my muscles recover. I love the low sugar content on Siggi’s.

11.04.2015 at4:19 AM #

Amy S.

I like adding granola and berries to my plain yogurt, with just a drizzle of honey.

11.04.2015 at4:29 AM #


I like yogurt topped with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of nuts.

11.04.2015 at4:30 AM #


My new favorite: plain yogurt, dates, almonds,toasted quinoa and lemon zest. Perfect protein breakfast!

11.04.2015 at4:50 AM #


I like my yogurt straight from the cup, eaten slowly in the evening while watching my favorite TV program. Downside – the begging eyes of my black lab Zeus. He likes yogurt, too.

11.04.2015 at4:54 AM #

Marie williams

This time of year, I microwave a big bowl of frozen berries and top with plain yogurt.

11.04.2015 at5:15 AM #


I love my yogurt with granola.

11.04.2015 at5:23 AM #


I like my yogurt without toppinga, eaten with a small spoon, straight from the cup, as a break at work.

11.04.2015 at5:37 AM #

marie bruggeman

I love to add this flavored yogurt to my plain greek yogurt as a flavor boost. Then add toppings galore like roasted coconut chips, peanut butter, flax, and a few chocolate chips.

11.04.2015 at6:18 AM #


I love my yogurt this time of year with a dash of cinnamon and cardamom, alongside a cup of spiced tea

11.04.2015 at6:50 AM #

Grace F

I love to top my yogurt (especially Siggi’s) with fresh fruit like raspberries!

11.04.2015 at6:54 AM #


I’m addicted to Siggi’s! I take one with me to work every day.

11.04.2015 at6:58 AM #


My favorite combination is low fat plain Greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk, oats and chia seeds. I let it sit overnight so the oats absorb and enjoy in the morning. Sometimes I’ll add a banana and flax seed as well.

11.04.2015 at7:06 AM #


I like my yogurt straight out of the cup as a snack or for breakfast.

11.04.2015 at7:17 AM #

Nicole C.

I like my yogurt with berries or mixed into my morning oats.

11.04.2015 at7:24 AM #


Some of these ideas are new, I’m going to have to try them. I often pack it in the kids lunch.

11.04.2015 at7:28 AM #


I eat yogurt at almost every lunch when I’m teaching.
Plain or honey, with frozen blueberries from this summer. They are perfectly thawed when I finally get a chance to eat it.

11.04.2015 at7:35 AM #


It’s so refreshing that someone made a yogurt without all the nasty preservatives and added sugar. I love this yogurt!

11.04.2015 at8:19 AM #


LOVE all the flavors of Siggi’s. It’s my midday treat!

11.04.2015 at8:25 AM #


Plain yogurt, chopped walnuts, and a drizzle of honey.

11.04.2015 at10:17 AM #


I love my yogurt plain with frozen blueberries

11.04.2015 at10:22 AM #


I love to have yogurt with some granola for breakfast or a snack. Yum!

11.04.2015 at11:43 AM #

Lindsay D.

I love to eat yogurt for breakfast or an afternoon snack! Adding granola or applesauce mixes it up when I don’t eat it plain.

11.04.2015 at12:40 PM #


Siggi’s is the only yogurt I like with the fruit added, because of the low sugar. Otherwise, plain yogurt with fresh fruit or jam and homemade granola.

11.04.2015 at12:59 PM #


I currently like plain full fat yogurt with persimmons, toasted almonds, roasted salted sunflower seeds and cinnamon

11.04.2015 at1:02 PM #


I love yogurt with granola and blueberries. Yum! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

11.04.2015 at2:02 PM #


We eat yogurt for breakfast with fruit and pack it for lunch. My favorite way to eat it though (and it is frequently our fast dinner plan when life gets in the way) is with a mix of berries and granola.

11.04.2015 at2:12 PM #

Karin von Zelowitz

love love love Siggis too! I like the filmjölk in the morning with my swiss muesli and the cups are great for a quick snack. Love that they have less sugar than ordinary cups. Wish they made the filmjölk in bigger bottles.

11.04.2015 at2:34 PM #


I eat yogurt and fruit every morning for breakfast. It gives me staying power to make it until lunch.

11.04.2015 at3:58 PM #


I love Siggi’s and eat it every morning with berries and flax! Vanilla is my favorite! Love, Love Siggi’s!

11.04.2015 at4:46 PM #


I love Greek yogurt on Mexican food

11.04.2015 at6:03 PM #


We eat Siggis for breakfast on school mornings for a protein boost. My 9,5 and 15 month old love it just the way it is!

11.04.2015 at7:37 PM #


I usually get flavored yogurt, so I don’t add anything. Just right out of the container for breakfast or with lunch 😉

11.04.2015 at8:25 PM #


Though I love to eat yogurt on its own, I have found a great way to make my own version of “muesli” that my little one can have as she is still learning how to use a spoon. I take raw oats, add yogurt, a little milk, fruit of choice, cinnamon and raw honey. The yogurt helps keep the mixture thick enough for my little one to use her spoon without spilling milk all over the place like with a traditional cereal. It’s been a great addition to our breakfast routine!

11.04.2015 at9:27 PM #

Shannon H

I like yogurt as a light breakfast, mixed with fruit, but I love it mixed with berries and juice fora lovely smoothie! Breakfast or afternoon snack, a smoothie is popular with everyone in my house. I’ve never heard of or tried Siggi’s, look forward to trying it.

11.04.2015 at9:51 PM #


Siggi’s is my favorite brand. I like mine with berries and granola, and my kids love their vanilla yogurt with granola.

11.04.2015 at11:51 PM #


I usually make my own and eat it plain out of the jar or with granola for breakfast. Love trying new flavored ones, though.

11.05.2015 at12:05 AM #


I like my yogurt with fruit.

11.05.2015 at12:36 AM #


I just tried Siggi’s Pumpkin Spice yogurt and it was divine! Can’t wait to buy more of it while it’s in the stores. Yay for pumpkin and yogurt!

11.05.2015 at7:50 PM #


I love my yogurt with honey, cinnamon and a bit of vanilla extract. In the summer I also add a pinch of sea salt for electrolytes and a sweet, salty snack.

11.05.2015 at8:15 PM #


With some granola and milled flax for an easy breakfast.

11.06.2015 at4:39 AM #


I like adding granola and fresh fruit

11.06.2015 at6:09 AM #


I like mine plain, maybe with a little bit of fruit

11.06.2015 at8:20 AM #

Cindy A.

My favorite is vanilla yogurt topped with homemade granola and local honey.

11.06.2015 at7:27 PM #

Cindy Gay

I like yogurt in a parfait with fresh fruit and granola.

11.08.2015 at12:54 PM #


I love Siggi’s coconut yogurt, savored all on its own as an afternoon snack.

11.08.2015 at3:29 PM #


i wish i could enter! siggis is my favorite yogurt -please come to seoul!

11.08.2015 at3:29 PM #

Katie Morford

Wish we could ship to Seoul 🙂

11.08.2015 at4:02 PM #

cyndi br

I like my yogurt mixed with granola and strawberries and just a dash of whip cream

11.15.2015 at1:21 PM #


Yogurt with granola, a few berries, and a drizzle of honey. So satisfying!

11.17.2015 at3:02 PM #

Melissa R

I usually like my yogurt plain, but I love it with muesli, too!

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