Gratitude Giveaway: 6 Stellar Prizes


2017 has proven to be one of the more challenging years of my life, both from a work standpoint and a personal one.

Yet, it was also a year full of magical moments and things for which I’m immensely grateful. At the top of the list are my friends and family. And up there too, is the Mom’s Kitchen Handbook community. And so, as always this time of year, I’m passing along some of that gratitude in a giveaway. I’ve curated six of my foodie favorites destined for six lucky winners. To enter, just leave a comment below saying what you are grateful for today. The giveaway ends December 25th at midnight PST. Winners must be 18 years or older and live in the U.S.


Heirloom Food Wrap from Millie Lottie

If I were Oprah, Millie Lottie Totes would have made my famous “favorite things” December issue. Created by mom and entrepreneur Jan Hammock, Millie Lottie is a line of beautiful, sustainably-made totes and carriers to get you and your goodies to potlucks and picnics. This lucky winner will land the heirloom wrap, ideal for bundling up a Dutch oven, tray of brownies, or generous salad.  I’ve also got my eye on their gorgeous food and picnic tote.


7 pound box of fresh USA Pears


Did you know that a single pear meets nearly a quarter of your daily needs for fiber and 10 percent for vitamin C? Whoever is lucky enough to land this mixed case of beauties will be starting the New Year on a delicious and nutritious foot.


One Potato Meal Kit 

I’m a One Potato Box super fan having tried and loved it first hand. Each box comes with three complete meals, is full of organic ingredients, and family-friendly (with special pricing for kids).  It’s also a terrific way to get your kids cooking, since the instructions are crystal clear and some of the prep is already done ahead of time.


$100 Sprouts Farmers Market Gift Card

A gift card for $100 will certainly take some of the sting out of holiday food shopping. Sprouts Farmers Market is an excellent resource for affordable, healthful groceries with new locations cropping up every month. I happen to think they have the best bulk bin section and healthy snack options of anyone around.


Baking Class Book for Kids

Best Cookbooks 2017

A prize for the pint-sized baker in your life, I included Baking Class in  my Cookbook Gift Roundup a few weeks ago. It’s packed with kid-friendly baking recipes as well as gift tags, stickers, labels, and signs to use for bake sales.


Nature Box Membership and $50 Snack Box

An online resource devoted entirely to making better and better-for-you snacks. Naturebox allows you to search for snacks based on your specific wish list, whether that’s less sugar, more protein, vegan, or gluten-free. Whoever nabs this prize gets to fill a box with $50 worth of your favorites and along with free membership.


12.17.2017 at3:25 PM #


Today? I’m grateful for today and all the people I get to share it with 😉

12.17.2017 at4:31 PM #


I’m thankful for my husband and sweet children.

12.17.2017 at8:57 PM #

Rory Dolfi

I’m thankful for my amazing husband and three awesome kiddos and great grandparents who help our lives be easier and fuller!

12.18.2017 at1:47 AM #


Grateful for my friends and family who put up with my crazy self :). Also grateful for my new house that we are slowing working on turning into a home! Lots to be grateful for this year

12.18.2017 at2:35 AM #


I’m grateful for all I have when so many do without, and a loving husband to share it with!

12.18.2017 at4:09 AM #


Grateful for my health and that of my family. We are blessed.

12.18.2017 at4:42 AM #

Lisa Burke

I am grateful for my sweet family and that God has blessed us each and every day….,

12.18.2017 at4:51 AM #


I’m grateful for my loving exuberant three year old and my wise, clever husband and his welcoming generous family.

12.18.2017 at4:55 AM #

Rima Kleiner

I am thankful for my health and flexibility now (something I took for granted until I hit my 40’s!), but I am most thankful for my friends and family, especially my husband and two children who fill me with love every single day.

12.18.2017 at5:11 AM #


I’m thankful for my family. Without them, I’d truly have nothing.

12.18.2017 at5:18 AM #


I’m thankful for the weekly meal ideas you give which assist me in providing delicious daily meals. Thanks!

12.18.2017 at5:31 AM #


I’m grateful for the friendships that have become stronger this year. And for new friends too!

12.18.2017 at5:40 AM #


I am grateful that we celebrated our grandchildren’s 1st and 4th birthdays in the last 3 weeks.

12.18.2017 at5:42 AM #

Jeanette Sheets

Today I am thankful this is my last chemo treatment!!!fingers crossed I will not need anymore!!!loving life!!!

12.18.2017 at5:47 AM #


I am grateful for my health, resilience, family and dear friends following surgery a week ago. As U approach my eighth decade, I love reading about the younger moms of today and how they manage families and careers with grace and cheer. I cannot resist trying out at least three or four new recipes a week.

12.18.2017 at5:47 AM #


Meant to say “I” not “U”.

12.18.2017 at5:47 AM #


I’m grateful for my health and for my family.

12.18.2017 at5:54 AM #

Bonnie Holloway

I’m grateful for love, remission and second chances …. very, very grateful.

12.18.2017 at6:02 AM #

Lisa V.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband.

12.18.2017 at6:06 AM #

Marilyn Yon

I am grateful for my 4 year old daughter and sweetie husband and this Advent season.

12.18.2017 at6:11 AM #

Holly Mccormick

I am grateful for my health and my family’s, I am grateful I have no family members in the hospital this year.

12.18.2017 at6:23 AM #


I am grateful for a warm bed and a healthy family to pile in on chilly mornings.

12.18.2017 at6:44 AM #

Anne Bunn

This is the Monday after a family wedding weekend in New York. It was so much fun. I am thankful that I was born into this joyful and funny family.

12.18.2017 at6:49 AM #


I’m grateful for my family and this Christmas season.

12.18.2017 at7:04 AM #


I’m grateful for my family!

12.18.2017 at7:31 AM #

Kate Strickland

I am so grateful for the health of my family and to have such a supportive job where I get to work with the bravest families in the world!

12.18.2017 at7:40 AM #

Stephanie C.

I’m grateful that I have the means to give my child the life I wish I’d had.

12.18.2017 at7:41 AM #


I’m grateful for my super helpful husband.

12.18.2017 at7:42 AM #


I’m grateful for friends who are like family.

12.18.2017 at7:55 AM #


Grateful for a completed kitchen renovation and a flexible family. Ready to start cooking again in one room.

12.18.2017 at8:25 AM #

Laurie-Ann Barbour

I’m grateful for the beauty in nature, my family and my Instant Pot :- )

12.18.2017 at9:19 AM #

carol clark

im grateful that were healthy last tuesday my daughters friend father had a heart attack and died and its so sad to think about makes me cry he was in his 50’s and im so sad about it health is so important

12.18.2017 at9:51 AM #

Melissa Fees

I am grateful for my parents. Thanks mom and dad and congrats on your 51st wedding anniversary.

12.18.2017 at10:01 AM #


So grateful for my amazing in-laws and parents for helping us so much with the kids!!

12.18.2017 at10:12 AM #

Trudy Verzosa

I am grateful for a network of supportive friends and family. I feel like I can do anything!

12.18.2017 at10:21 AM #


I am so grateful for my three wild, rambunctious, sweet and loving little people that I get to hug and squeeze everyday.

12.18.2017 at10:25 AM #


Grateful for water you can drink from the tap

12.18.2017 at10:28 AM #

Sarah Vance

I’m thankful for Jesus Christ and for the suffering and struggle he endured for me, my beautiful family, all who will accept his gift, and all of those who never had the chance to learn of it. I can be washed clean from sin, be comforted in my trials, be strengthened to do good, and ultimately receive eternal life-because of his love for me and all mankind!❤️ #LightTheWorld

12.18.2017 at10:37 AM #


I am grateful for my wonderful husband and two boys and all the joy they bring! I am also grateful for our parents and so so thankful that my boys are growing up with four healthy grandparents in their lives!

12.18.2017 at10:49 AM #


Grateful for giggly little kids, even though they wear me out sometimes. Grateful for an all-in husband who is a (mostly) equal partner.

12.18.2017 at11:03 AM #


I’m grateful for this opportunity to possibly win an amazing prize and, of course, for my wonderful family!

12.18.2017 at11:31 AM #

Jackie King

i am grateful for God’s love and patience with me in those times when I’m not as grateful as I should be!

12.18.2017 at11:54 AM #


I’m thankful for my family.

12.18.2017 at12:06 PM #


I am grateful for my family and good health.

12.18.2017 at12:36 PM #


I am grateful for my family, health and that we are blessed enough to be able to help others.

12.18.2017 at12:38 PM #

Tina Engberg

I’m grateful to have the resources to do what I need to for my family, the desire to spend time in the kitchen and make things for them, as well as things to share with school, friends and others.

12.18.2017 at12:54 PM #


Today I am grateful to be able to work part time so that I was able to have the day off to help in 1 of my child’s classrooms for a bit and then spend the rest of the day with my littlest one.

12.18.2017 at12:55 PM #

Kelly Phaedo

Today I am grateful for time with my tween and teen children. Someone once said the days are long but the years go by swiftly, and that is so true. Recently, I looked up and my kids are almost adults. I am so grateful for who they are becoming and for the time I still have with them.

12.18.2017 at1:09 PM #


I am grateful that I am healthy and could take a nice walk around my neighborhood.

12.18.2017 at1:11 PM #

Hannah G

I am so grateful for my family and my three beautiful children!

12.18.2017 at1:18 PM #

Laura Mari Shapiro

I am grateful for this blog! It has helped me to maintain a very busy schedule but with great food ideas. I am grateful for my new instant pot which i hope will add to that. I am a working mom of 2 girls that love to cook and enjoy food together..ironically, oneof my daughters names is Millie 🙂
Happy holidays!

12.18.2017 at1:32 PM #

Mandy Tanner

I’m grateful for my sweet family and friends and being able to celebrate the holidays at home this year.

12.18.2017 at1:33 PM #

Shannon L Clark

I am grateful that the stomach flu has finally resolved and cooking for my kids will be fun for all of us again!

12.18.2017 at3:00 PM #


I am grateful for my grandkids

12.18.2017 at3:15 PM #

Jen Lefferts

Today I’m greatful for sharing a walk, a yummy meal and good conversation with my 13 year old daughter. Not always easy to connect with this one, but today was sweet.

12.18.2017 at5:00 PM #


I’m grateful for my family and my friends

12.18.2017 at5:28 PM #

Vi Dang

I am grateful that my 9 year old daughter’s recent abdominal pain was due to constipation and probably developmental changes of her ovaries. Phew! What a relief after the doctor’s visit.

12.18.2017 at5:44 PM #

Hayley Thompson

I’m grateful for good health

12.18.2017 at5:47 PM #


I am grateful to get to come from work and spend time with my family

12.18.2017 at6:12 PM #

Julie McDonough

I am grateful for my family and friends who are always there for me. I am very grateful I still have my parents after they have each battled health issues this year.

12.18.2017 at6:13 PM #


2017 has been a rough year: Starting the year with someone running a light and totaling my car to just last week my purse being stolen out of my car while picking up my son from daycare. I can honestly say though that 2017 has truly blessed me with a healthy husband and children along with some great new friends whose friendship has grown over this year. You realize the importance of people vs things.

12.18.2017 at6:36 PM #

Mary Ellen Stumpfl

I’m grateful for my family and for friends that share this journey with me.

12.18.2017 at6:44 PM #


I’m grateful for running, the freedom and much needed peace of mind it brings, so I can be a patient, understanding parent and wife.

12.18.2017 at8:24 PM #


I’m grateful for my understanding husband & my beautiful children.

12.18.2017 at9:01 PM #

Stacy Schuck

I am thankful that today my husband and I had a few minutes together to chitchat about whatever. That so rarely happens anymore.

12.19.2017 at5:19 AM #

Theresa Berge

I am grateful for my family and health.

12.19.2017 at12:10 PM #

Cathy Sturmer

Today and everyday I’m grateful for my beautiful son, a miracle baby.

12.19.2017 at1:03 PM #


Forever grateful for good health and family and friends that make me a better person every day.

12.19.2017 at1:07 PM #

Sally Hodge

I am so grateful for my loving, caring husband of 47 years who is always there for me and been so supportive all these years together and being just a wonderful husband, father and grandfather

12.19.2017 at2:12 PM #

Edna Villalva

I’m grateful for my family and their unconditional support

12.19.2017 at4:29 PM #

Lynnette Clancy

Grateful for the moments and time with my mom who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Life is so precious and short. I cherish and am grateful for all the moments with my family

12.19.2017 at5:39 PM #


I’m greatful for the unconditional love and support I’ve received from my friends. Job changes, relationships ending, moving, and starting over again from scratch. This year has been full of ups and downs and life changes, and I never would have made it through with all of this without them.

12.19.2017 at7:14 PM #


Today I am grateful for a great weather

12.19.2017 at10:19 PM #


I’m grateful for my family and health.

12.20.2017 at12:42 PM #


I am grateful for good health, awesome kids, and supportive friends.

12.20.2017 at1:11 PM #

Susan H.

This Christmas is hard. My Father died a little over a week ago (12-9-2017) and the grief comes in waves, doesn’t it? But today I am grateful for his many years of patient, kind parenting. Thankful for memories. Thankful he is not suffering now.

12.20.2017 at9:42 PM #


I’m grateful for my family!

12.21.2017 at10:40 AM #


Today, I am grateful for good health, and the chance to visit the doctor later today to ensure continuing good health.

12.21.2017 at11:57 AM #

Brenda Haines

I am thankful for so many things, but today I am most thankful for my son’s therapy team.

12.21.2017 at2:19 PM #

Anne Merkert

So much to be grateful for: health, family, and my kids’ school that is giving them a love of learning.

12.22.2017 at9:43 AM #


I am grateful for my family and my job.

12.22.2017 at10:03 AM #


being home for the holidays

12.22.2017 at12:59 PM #

Heather S

I am grateful for my kiddos, family, my health and my career.

12.24.2017 at8:19 AM #


I’m grateful for my family, our health. And our sweet family Christmas in the amazing mountains.

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