5 Tips to Order a Healthy Smoothie

Grabbing a smoothie on-the-go can be a perfectly wholesome way to refuel. It can also be more akin to a high-sugar shake than a healthy snack. It’s all in the ordering. Make sure your next pit stop at Jamba Juice is full of good nutrition in addition to good taste. Here are five tips for ordering a healthy smoothie to guide you along the way:

1.Split it

Even the smallest size is too big for between-meal-snacks for most folks. And if it’s for a meal, better to pair a mini smoothie with say, a half a sandwich, since your body can blow through a liquid lunch pretty quick. Ask the smoothie shop to divide the 16-ouncer in half or the 24-ouncer in thirds, giving each person a tidy eight-ounce portion.

2. Boost it

Add soy or whey protein to the smoothie to offset the sugar. The protein will increase satiety longer than just fruit and juice.

3. Watch the sugar

Best choices are bulked up with yogurt, milk, or soy milk rather than juice, sherbet or frozen yogurt. The Protein Berry Workout, Tropical Probiotic and Bright Eyed and Blueberry are all good bets at Jamba Juice.

4. Add in veggies 

If you’re game for leafy greens or other vegetables in your smoothies, go for it. You might be surprised by how happily they blend into fruit smoothies, and may even go undetected by the little ones in your crew.

5. Opt out of artificial sweeteners

Some of these places cut calories by slipping Splenda and other artificial ingredients into their smoothies. Read the list of ingredients and skip the fake stuff.

How to order a healthy smoothie

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01.11.2011 at9:02 PM #

Pamela Hommeyer

We’re big fans of plain yogurt. To cut down on sugar, when ordering smoothies that contain frozen yogurt, we ask them to substitute plain yogurt. The consistency is just a tiny bit thinner, but it cuts out the sugar they need to add to the yogurt to get it to freeze properly.

01.11.2011 at9:02 PM #


Great tip, Pam. Thanks.

01.13.2011 at3:21 PM #

megan @ whatmegansmaking

These are great ideas. I never thought to actually ask the person to split it into different cups. I split drinks with my husband a lot to save money, but I always feel like he’s trying to drink more than his half 🙂

07.07.2021 at4:27 AM #


This smoothie is really good and helpful for summer.

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