My “Top Ten” Recipes

My children will be the first to inform you that I’m the least tech-savvy person they know, which is why it sometimes strikes me as odd that I find myself the keeper of a blog. I focus very little on the technical aspects of this endeavor, focusing instead on the creative ones — writing and developing recipes. I’ve spent no time, really, noodling over stats and “blog traffic,” information about where readers come from, how they find their way here, what they look at, and for how long. But then, last week I took more than a passing gander at all of these numbers and discovered a list, from top-to-bottom, of the most popular recipes on my blog. Interestingly, slow cooker dishes and cookies/bars topped the list, some of them with more than 50,000 visits. Yikes.

I thought I’d share these “Best Hits” with you and ask what some of your Mom’s Kitchen Handbook favorites are as well. Feel free to add your two cents in the comments section below.

Mom’s Kitchen Handbook 10 Most Popular Recipes  

1. Slow Cooker Pinto Beans 

Slow cooker pinto beans

2. Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Chicken

3. Best, Easiest Homemade Pizza Ever

Best Easiest Homemade Pizza Dough / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

4. Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs


5. Butter, Egg, and Cheese Pasta

Spaghetti with Butter Egg and Cheese

6. Toll House Chocolate Chip “Makeover” Cookies

Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

7. Healthier Homemade Ranch Dip

Healthier Homemade Ranch /

8. Breakfast Quinoa

Breakfast quinoa

9. Four-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Four Ingredient Peanut butter cookies

10. Chocolate Coconut “Copycat” Bars (Homemade Larabars)

Coconut Chocolate Larabars


04.22.2014 at4:37 AM #

Maryea {happy healthy mama}

Ha! I’m the same way with my blog. Stats? What are those? 🙂 It looks like a great list up there–your readers are smart!

04.22.2014 at4:37 AM #

Katie Morford

I have to agree with my readers…it’s a good list…some of my favorites are here as well.

04.22.2014 at9:03 AM #


What? No Puffy Apple Cinnamon Pancake or Chicken Paillard? Those are definitely my top two, but I don’t have a slow cooker!

04.22.2014 at9:03 AM #

Katie Morford

Love those ones, too, Monica. I think the top on the list are thanks to Google, and not my loyal readers!

04.22.2014 at2:16 PM #

Sophie Ziegler

I’m making slow cooker chicken with balsamic and tomatoes right now and this one has become a family favorite! I don’t even have a slow cooker, but you can make it in the oven on low heat in a casserole dish just as easily.

04.22.2014 at2:16 PM #

Katie Morford

That is so good to know, Sophie. Enjoy your dinner!

04.22.2014 at4:43 PM #


Lazy Girl Enchilada Pie, Spaghetti with Clams and the Grilled Chicken Salad with Avocado and Orange have become staples in our house. I am shocked that they are not on the list because I frequent those pages every time I make them which is a lot! Thanks again for a great blog.

04.22.2014 at4:43 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Alison. I love that salad and thought it went under the radar…nice to know it’s finding a home in your kitchen.

04.24.2014 at5:33 PM #


I’ve made most of the items on the top ten and loved them all. Recently, we are completely obsessed with making the Blueberry Superfood Smoothie and the Creamy Dreamy Banana Date Shake. So yummy! I find so much inspiration in your blog and my family thanks your for it…our bellies are well-fed!

04.24.2014 at5:33 PM #

Katie Morford

Thank you Kim! I love that Date Shake!

04.27.2014 at9:04 AM #

Sarah Jones

This is so funny to me because I use MKH recipes almost weekly and have never made a single one of these! Brown Sugar Baby Bok Choy with Pork and Tofu and Creamy Carrot Mac and Cheese are go-to dishes around here, and at this time of year I love making the farro risotto with asparagus and peas. I think I need to branch out!

04.27.2014 at9:04 AM #

Katie Morford

I think we’re on the same wavelenth, Sarah. That bok choy and mac cheese are in my regular rotation, too….and I just made the farro risotto on Thursday night. If you have a slow cooker, I do think those pinto beans are pretty excellent!

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