Yes, I Made a Music Video

I made a music video.

Have a peek.

Don’t worry. It’s not a typical music video. I didn’t bare my navel or wear booty shorts and stilletos. There were no wind machines involved. I didn’t require Mr. Mom’s Kitchen to make a cameo driving a white convertible. And luckily, I’m not the one singing (the talented Amy Stroup is the voice behind the song).

It’s all about my cookbook — Best Lunch Box Ever — which comes out in a few short weeks. It’s just me and my girls in the kitchen making lunch. We borrowed a few cousins and friends to pitch in, too.

I hope it makes you want to pack a terrific school lunch.

And maybe, just maybe, get your hands on the book.


06.25.2013 at4:44 AM #

Anne Mullen

I see “Best Music Video” in your future! And the lunch food looks delicious, too.

06.25.2013 at4:44 AM #

Katie Morford

Planning my outfit to the MTV awards already!

06.25.2013 at6:48 AM #


Katie, this is fantastic and makes me want to make yummy lunches and buy your fantastic book. And I swear it’s not because I’m biased 🙂 Well done! You all look fantastic!

06.25.2013 at6:48 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Charlotte…appreciate you loaning me your little ones!

06.25.2013 at7:00 AM #



06.25.2013 at7:09 AM #


Katie – Love the gorgeous food, the music and of course you. Fantastic and inspirational – Humaira

06.25.2013 at7:15 AM #

meg hart

Its so inspiring! Yummy and healthy. And…you(and the kids) look wonderful. So sorry Mr MK didn’t get a cameo.

06.25.2013 at7:15 AM #

Katie Morford

Mr. Mom’s Kitchen organized some business travel for himself once he caught wind of my video plans.

06.25.2013 at7:39 AM #

Sally Kuzemchak

This is wonderful!!! And all that foods looks terrific. I am making those jam/crumble bars or whatever they are the moment I get the book. Great job Katie and congratulations!

06.25.2013 at8:17 AM #

Pam H

Wonderful! Can’t wait to share the video with my girls and get the book. Those peanut butter, honey and apple wraps look great.

06.25.2013 at8:29 AM #

Pam R

I love it!!!

06.25.2013 at9:36 AM #


Love the color, the music, the message that making healthy lunches is a family-affair! Inspiring!

06.25.2013 at10:09 AM #


That was so inspiring and colorful and beautiful! I am excited for your upcoming book! So needed!

06.25.2013 at10:09 AM #

Katie Morford

So nice to hear from you Writing Allison! I would love to come to your neck of the woods to do a class or event or book signing.

06.25.2013 at10:14 AM #


It makes lunch making look like fun. Can’t wait for the book!

06.25.2013 at12:52 PM #

[email protected]

SO GREAT!! I want your kitchen. I want your lunch gear. I want your cookbook! And I need the recipe for the bar cookies STAT.

06.25.2013 at1:25 PM #

Jacquelyn Stern

So cute!!! Very cool. I love the video and everything it shows about planning lunches, good nutrition, and family. The ideas look amazing. Cannot wait to get your book and tell others – friends and clients.

06.25.2013 at4:11 PM #


BRAVO!! Beautiful, inspiring, and of course looks effortless. Love your style and can’t wait to buy many of your books for gifts.

06.25.2013 at4:18 PM #


That was great!! Love it!!

06.25.2013 at7:44 PM #


I love the video! I know that it will go viral! I love the shot from the oven! So creative. Can’t wait for the book.

06.25.2013 at9:30 PM #


Great video! What type of camera did you use? Did you do the editing? I’m hoping to do something similar focused on teens cooking. Maybe my teenage helpers can do something close to what you’ve produced! Thanks.

06.25.2013 at9:30 PM #

Katie Morford

Hi Leane….my photo abilities are limited to still cameras, I’m afraid. I had the help of Iri and Jim at Brakethrough Media. They were wonderful. I will say, however, that teenagers do seem to know quite a lot about these things so it’s worth a shot.

06.28.2013 at6:36 AM #


Your video inspires me! I can’t wait to get the cookbook for me and my sisters who all strive to feed their kids better. I wish the whole country could see how easy it is to more healthy!

06.28.2013 at6:36 AM #

Katie Morford

Awww…thanks Kathy.

06.28.2013 at7:55 PM #


So So wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes!

06.29.2013 at7:03 PM #

Rosemary Mark

GREAT video Katie! Beautiful videography and singing — is that you? Congratulations on your book!

06.29.2013 at7:03 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Rosemary. Definitely not me singing!

06.30.2013 at10:45 AM #


Very cool, Rebecca loved seeing the girls!

06.30.2013 at10:45 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Haley…it was a fun little project.

07.08.2013 at11:37 AM #

Jennifer Hatfield (@TherapyLearnSvc)

Brilliant! What I love most is that you captured what I edcuate my clients about…when you make the kitchen a welcoming, FUN, non pressure place…good things CAN follow. I so enjoyed seeing the kids involved in a natural, non pressured way. Well done!

07.11.2013 at8:15 AM #


I will be passing this along. So, so great~!
I will say, though, that there is absolutely no credit given to the singer, unless I am missing it. I know it’s your video and book ad, but the singer is the person creating the audio art and any use of anyone else’s art should be recognized. It’s very confusing because whoever that is singing is probably trying to establish herself too.

07.11.2013 at8:15 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Brandi…appreciate your thoughts…it’s such a lovely song and I will discuss with the video folks about adding her name to the trailer.

07.18.2013 at9:11 PM #


<3! Please tell me the cookbook will be in ebook format????

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