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Greek Orange Cake Recipe / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

We had a special couple of weeks in food during a summer trip when we high tailed it to Greece (props to Mr. Mom’s Kitchen for earning all those frequent flier miles). Breakfast was always a highlight, starting with this barely sweet orange cake that showed up in the little guest house where we stayed.

Breakfast in Greece on Mom's Kitchen Handbook

The house was part of an organic farm and every morning they brought us what they’d grown or made, including this beautiful marmalade, a specialty in Greece (who knew).

Greek Salad / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

I think we ate some variation of this salad every single day of the trip, always embellished with heavenly olive oil (so pure in fact, I started using it as face moisturizer when I ran out of my own). I’ve never looked younger or more Greek.

Octopus on the Grill / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Being surrounded on all sides with water meant lots of seafood. They don’t skimp on the octopus.

Seafood Spaghetti on Mom's Kitchen Handbook

And shellfish pasta that could give an Italian grandmother a run for her money.

Eating al Fresco

We explored tiny towns and found ourselves in some pretty magical settings. When I expressed disappointment that the kitchen at this little place had run out of spinach pie, the owner grabbed me by the hand and brought me inside to his workplace.

Cretan Cooking Vessels on Mom's Kitchen Handbook

He lifted the lid to every one of these traditional clay pots, proudly showing me what he’d cooked over his wood stove that day. Spinach pie or no spinach pie, it was all delicious…though I think I would have enjoyed cardboard sitting at that table with that view and a caraf of wine.
Greek Donuts / Mom's Kitchen HandbookWe didn’t see much in the way of desserts in Greece, but fell hard for their loukoumades, hot donuts drizzled in honey, here embellished with ice cream. Thankfully, I was wearing a tent that day.

Farmer's Market Haul from Crete / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

We spent our last morning at the farmers’ market where we picked up provisions for our final supper.

Raw Thai Salad Recipe on Mom's Kitchen Handbook

For our first meal home, I was inspired to cook this Raw Thai Citrus Crunch Salad featured on Turntable Kitchen.  After 20 hours of travel and all the airplane food that implies, it was a welcome change.
Sweet Roasted Strawberries Recipe on Mom's Kitchen Handbook

I restocked the fridge after being away and scored a boatload of organic strawberries at a bargain basement price (from Whole Foods, no less). I used this recipe from Cooking Light to make a batch of roasted strawberries, which have been delicious over yogurt for breakfast.

FullSizeRender (84)

Speaking of yogurt, there was no shortage of it during our trip, but we saw nothing like this: Carrot and Beet yogurt from Blue Hill. I was skeptical, but in the interest of adventure, bought two cartons.
Beet and Carrot Yogurt

A peek inside. They’re savory and strange and delicious. Have you tried?

IMG_0593 (2)
Also savory and not so strange was being home and having pizza again. Our old favorite, lavash, but with an egg on top. Find the recipe here. 

How was your Week in Food?


07.24.2015 at9:25 AM #

Cynthia Jones

Yes, a shout out to the food in Greece! My daughter and I spent 2 weeks there last summer and found it to be a wonderful place for a family vacation – European yet more different for Americans than other parts of Western Europe, and when your children have studied ancient Greece in history class, it is a revelation to see & touch places like the stone structures of the Acropolis. And the food…wow…those simple breakfasts of fab yogurt with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey accompanied by knock-out coffee! Thanks for taking me back there in my mind on a Friday morning at the office Katie.

07.24.2015 at9:25 AM #

Katie Morford

It is a very special place….so much to explore (and eat). We found the people to be incredibly warm and wonderful.

07.24.2015 at4:10 PM #


Gorgeous pics! Please tell me you smuggled home one of those clay pots! Gorgeous!

07.24.2015 at4:10 PM #

Katie Morford

I wish. We attracted a small menagerie of stray kittens and puppies at the farm and wanted to smuggle those back, too.

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