My Week in Food

Easy Panzanella

Tomatoes are still sticking around in my neck of the woods, so we’re enjoying every last one. Here, in a panzanella salad: ripe tomatoes cut into wedges, lightly toasted levain bread, loads of fresh basil, salt, olive oil, and a dribble of balsamic.

Sunshine Soup

Had to make a batch of Yummy Supper’s Sunshine Soup before the tomatoes disappear. A bowl of this roasted pepper/tomato deliciousness will make you wish summer wasn’t over.

From my garden

Feeling much more fall were the first figs on our tree, along with a couple of pumpkins from the garden. Keep your eye out for this rouge d’estampes variety; it’s my favorite for making pumpkin soup.

Figs with Yogurt and Honey

Those figs became a crazy-good, bite-size afternoon snack topped with Greek yogurt and drizzle of honey.

Fall Lunch

Figs also went into a fancy little lunch for Virginia this week, along with some leftover cheese and Raincoast Crisp crackers (do you have those where you live? Love).

Cheese Course

Speaking of cheese, my mom has this habit of acting like she doesn’t know her way around a kitchen and then pulls off something like this epic cheese spread.  It’s all a ploy so she doesn’t have to cook any more, but we know better.


I hopped on over to Vermont for a conference this week, where it felt very much like fall. My first time there and I’m considering a trancontinental move. Mr. Mom’s Kitchen doesn’t know yet, so let’s just keep it between us.


S’Mores with dark chocolate after lunch one day certainly didn’t hurt my opinion of Vermont.
PizzaNot so appealing was missing my connecting flight en route home. This was my consolation prize: a pretty impressive airport pizza in DC. I’m afraid to report I ate nearly the whole thing. 
Skillet Almond Granola

When I got home, this was the first thing I made: Almond Skillet Granola, all done on the stovetop in about 7 minutes. I got the oats and almonds good and toasty in the pan and cut the brown sugar in half. Well worth repeating.

Non-Diet-Weight-Loss-Tips-for-Kids--e1437258930880All that airplane time meant I got some reading done, including this terrific piece on kids and weight, which I shared over on my Facebook page yesterday. If you’re worried about your child putting on a few pounds, there are some good nuggets here.
Whole Grain Apple Cake

Also full of good nuggets is Cooking Light’s Whole Grain Apple Cake, which I made for no other reason than celebrating RAIN in San Francisco. Have we talked about how much I like cake (and rain)?

How was your Week in Food?



09.18.2015 at8:34 AM #

EA-The Spicy RD

I always love reading your “week in food” 🙂 I saw that Almond Skillet Granola posted by Deanna and it looks amazing! And, Vermont? I will gladly pack up my bags and move there with you!! Now we just need to convince our husbands and kids 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

09.18.2015 at8:34 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks EA. Yes to Vermont. And try that skillet granola. It is so easy and has a great texture.

09.18.2015 at2:51 PM #


Your week in food looks fab! Hope you had so much fun at Blog Brûlée!! Loved seeing all the posts over the weekend and felt nostalgic for my time in Vermont too! I’ll join you on the move as well 😉
And yay for rain in San Francisco and what a perfect way to celebrate with that delicious looking cake!

09.18.2015 at2:51 PM #

Katie Morford

I will happily use anything as an excuse for cake. Nice to hear from you.

09.19.2015 at11:32 AM #

[email protected]

What a great week in food you (and your family) have had, Katie. We are still harvesting tomatoes and now onto figs too. I love this transitional time in the garden and at the markets, So much goodness. And I must try the skillet granola. Fabulous idea!

09.19.2015 at11:32 AM #

Katie Morford

Nice to hear from you Kellie. It is a magical time of year in terms of fresh produce!

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