My Week in Food

Easy Pumpkin Bread that is ridiculously moist and delicious. Chocolate chips never hurt.

A favorite this week was pumpkin bread one of the girls made for her teachers. Luckily, there was extra, because it was excellent. The recipe comes from King Arthur Flour’s website, which is one of the most reliable baking resources I’ve found on the web. Go there!

10 Cups of Broccoli in this Cheesy Calzone

Another top pick was this three-ingredient dinner that will definitely be repeated. It comes by way of Elizabeth Ward’s “Better is the New Perfect” blog and packs 10 cups of broccoli into every calzone. Make it!

Portion Controling a Giant Cookie

When the folks at my brother’s restaurant sent me home with a cookie the size of my face earlier in the week, I figured I needed to institute some portion control. 1 giant cookie = 9 regular cookies.

Fixings for Caramel Apples

Seems we had more than our fair share of sweets this week. I was Halloween, after all. We bought tiny apples at the farmers’ market and cooked up a mess of caramel apples for the occasion.

Make green juice with all the bits and bobs of fruits and veggies in the fridge
After all the goodies, this was a welcome snack after school one day. I’ve taken to keeping a bag of leftover bits and bobs of fruits and vegetables in the fridge to be run through the juicer. This one? Pear, apple, lime, kale, and celery. 

Can’t get enough of these beauties lately, scattered over salads, stirred into grains, and for topping yogurt. Find a “how to” on seeding a pomegranate here.

School Lunch

I get no complaints when I include them in lunch boxes.
Pomegranate Harvest

Persimmons are in season now, too, and our backyard trees are fat with fruit for the first time.

Blue Cheese and Persimmon Crostini

Which means it’s high time to pull out this recipe for 3-ingredient Blue Cheese and Persimmon Crostini.
Tablecloth using shower curains from TargetHad to share this thrify approach to the tablescape at a fundraiser this week. The graphic blue tabletoppers are nothing more than shower curtains bought at Target. Clever.



Last but not least this week: A new video. I strong armed my kids into helping me make an appeal to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, whom I’d love to have endorse my next cookbook. I emailed it, but so far, radio silence. And so, with just 6 degrees of separation between us, I figure one of you has to be his mother, his assistant, his BFF, or his 3rd grade teacher. If you are, would you mind passing this along? I will make you granola if you do. Promise.

How was your Week in Food?


11.07.2015 at7:37 AM #

Christina Nystrom Mantha

I am so excited to see your new cookbook!! When will it begin being sold?

11.07.2015 at7:37 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Christina. It not out until August. I can’t wait either.

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