My Week in Food

Inpiralizer inspiration.

I keep saying I’m not going to add any gadgets to my kitchen cupboards, which are already hungry for space, but I broke down and bought an Inspiralizer. I started off by experimenting with zucchini, turning one after another into long, squiggly noodles. It’s kind of addictive (the gadget, not the raw zucchini).


Zucchini Noodle Salad with Lemon, Walnuts and Parmesan

I tossed the skinniest “zoodles” with Meyer lemon juice and zest, along with olive oil, toasted walnuts, and Parmesan. Sold! Next week, I’m moving onto sweet potatoes. Stay tuned.


Sweet Potatoes Roasted

Speaking of sweet potatoes, I pulled out this old recipe and prepped a pan for a group of girls for an after school snack. It was such an easy and tasty bite that not a scap was left for the cook.

Creamy Date Shake

Another afternoon snack that didn’t disappoint was this Creamy Banana Date Shake. I forgot how GOOD this thing is.


If you live in San Francisco, check out the seeded levain at Noe Valley Bakery. They could give The Mill a run for its money. Done up egg-in-a-hole style for breakfast? Yes please.

Favorite Cheese

This was half of a lazy dinner when I couldn’t bring myself to do much at all. I picked up cheeses, a savory spread, a baguette, and did up a massive pan of roasted vegetables. Easy, but not enough food for Mr. Mom’s Kitchen (Have I told you he has the metabolism of a 14 year old boy?).



On the subject of easy meals, my friend Catherine over at Weelicious launched her One Potato business this week. It’s a family meal service that delivers all of the (mostly organic) ingredients and “how to” instructions for 3 healthy suppers.  The business is in the early stages yet, but head on over here to sign up and learn when they’ll be in your neck of the woods. Can’t wait!


Movie PopcornI love popcorn at the movies, but don’t always love the movie popcorn. For the Bond flick, I packed up a “his” and “hers” bag. Both movie and popcorn got two thumbs up. Only downside? No free refills.


Italian Apple Cake in the works

We hosted a girl party this week. It wasn’t until everyone was seated around the table that we realized it was an all-female crowd. 11 of us; 3 moms, 8 daughters.  Rustic Apple Cake served as our big finish.


Tea and Irish Soda Bread

This was the bright side of mixing up the start time of a Saturday soccer game. With an hour to kill, we discovered Andytown, a charming coffee shop in the Sunset with really nice tea and really nice people. Have you been there?

Pumpkin Fondue

We got a little fancy this week and broke out the Fondue in a Roasted Pumpkin. This time, I did it in a petite pumpkin, probably about 3 pounds, and realized it would make a terrific Thanksgiving appetizer.


Persimmon and Blue Cheese Crostini

This is a slightly simpler option for a Thanksgiving app: 3 ingredient Persimmon and Blue Cheese Crostini.

8 Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

So with Thanksgiving on the brain, something to keep handy for the day after when you might have a few leftovers: 8 Ideas for using up the extras, from mashed potatoes to pie crust.

How was your Week in Food?


11.21.2015 at9:38 AM #


I was doing great with my spiralizer for a few months, and now it’s tucked away with some other rarely used gadgets. I loved making butternut squash noodles that I baked in the oven, but the mess that it made started to make it feel more like a project than a week night dinner tool. So I’ll be curious to see if you continue to use it. But this post has inspired me to dig it out!

11.21.2015 at9:38 AM #

Katie Morford

I hear you, Monica. I do wonder if it will lose its luster after a bit. Time will tell.

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