My Week in Food

December is all about busy weeks in food. Here’s what I got up to… in the kitchen, and out…snapped with my iphone.

Escaped for a few days on a mom’s getaway with some girlfriends. Left Mr. Mom’s Kitchen a giant crock pot of chili with instructions to eat it crowned with sour cream the first night,  then spooned onto corn tortillas for tacos the second.

In lieu of a snack box on the airplane, I brought along leftover Sabzi. I’m guessing I was the only one on the flight eating cold Afghan spinach for lunch.

The first night away, my friend Amy made a vat of guacamole: 12 ripe avocados (12!), tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime, salt.  It was inhaled.

Then Heather whipped up this “Insalata Tricolore” for lunch:  carrots with toasted almonds, beets with cotija, little gems with vinaigrette. Girl food. More inhaling.


Became more than a little obsessed with this ice coffee: Lowfat milk whirled in the blender with ice, flavored with chilled espresso, lightly sweetened with simple syrup.   Coffee Snow is definitely going into the home rotation.


Speaking of home, I’m back. Re-entry was a little jarring.Were my children always this loud? Greeted them that first morning with a batch of pink pancakes: defrosted raspberries stirred into a batter of oats, whole-wheat flour, yogurt, eggs, milk, vanilla.

Excellent with maple syrup.

This is what the kids got up to in my absence. Clearly minimalism isn’t the aesthetic we’re going for this season.

What’d you get up to in the  kitchen this week?


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