My Week in Food

Meyer Lemons

I don’t think we will be suffering from scurvy over here any time soon given the amount of citrus coming through our doors this week. To start with, I plucked nearly every last Meyer lemon from the first of my two little trees that was ready to harvest. They are almost too pretty to slice into, no?

Avocado Toast

Almost being the operative word, since slicing in is exactly what we’ve been doing. Can’t seem to get enough drizzled over avocado toast with salt and pepper to finish.

Yogurt and orange breakfast

I was also lucky enough to find about 30 blood oranges on my doorstep from a friend’s family farm. Who needs berries on your yogurt when you’ve got juicy oranges? Plus a smattering of those killer roasted almonds I shared a few weeks ago and a drizzle of honey. The true breakfast of champions.

Grapefruit Water

Final plug for winter citrus? Generous slices of grapefruit and fresh rosemary in a pitcher of ice water inspired by this Infused Water feature on Cooking Light. We were having a spa moment after school one day.

Homebaked Bread

It was a good week for doorstep deliveries. These four beauties came by way of my brother and sister-in-law, who are taking a bread baking course. I think they will be getting an A.

Rise and Shine

This was a big “to do” this week. A last look at the pages of Rise and Shine before it goes to print. It’s so pretty, people. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Toll House Makeover Cookies with Pretzel Thins

This was a fun spin on my Chocolate Chip Makeover Cookies. I added chocolate chips, chopped chocolate, AND added a handful of crumbled pretzel thins to the batter. Just don’t use the garlic ones (unless you are feeding vampires).

Bird Seed Bars

My kids and I sometimes find ourselves at odds when 1) They want to bring a super sugary treat into class 2) I would prefer they bring in something more wholesome. Virginia and I found common ground when I suggested she make my Bird Seed Bars (they will be in Rise and Shine) and dress them up with a little melted chocolate on top. They turned out beautifully and she seemed proud to share them at school. 
How to Store Leftover Tomato Paste

My new favorite kitchen trick for storing leftover tomato paste:  scoop whatever you don’t use into tablespoon-size portions onto a piece of parchment.
How to store tomatoe paste

Slip into a freezer bag and stow flat (once frozen, it no longer needs to stay flat). Pull out what you need the next time a recipe calls for tomato paste. Another win for a Year of Less Waste. 
School Lunch

Made a big batch of quinoa early in the week and turned half of it into lunch box salads with veggies, chickpeas, and feta.

Quinoa Cakes

The rest I made into broccoli cheddar quinoa cakes. I’m hoping to turn this into a proper recipe at some point.

Kale Bone Broth Chips Speaking of kale, just when I think San Francisco can’t get any more “Portlandia,” I spied these at the recent Fancy Food Show. Fennel, Fuji Apple & Lamb Bone Broth Flavored Kale Chips.

Pizza Rolls

I found a far more pedestrian use for kale at home: pizza rolls! Using this recipe from Shutterbean as my guide. I nixed the pepperoni, and instead chopped up one stalk of broccoli, six kale leaves, and 1 clove of garlic. I sauteed that in a few teaspoons of olive oil until just tender and laid it over the tomato sauce and cheese.

Pizza Rolls

Rolled up and baked, this is what my girls happily ate for dinner when Mr. Mom’s Kitchen and I headed out for a date.

21 healthier game day recipes

Since we’re talking dates, the date for the Superbowl is fast approaching. And even though it’s happening right here in my backyard, I’ll be snacking, I mean watching, in the comfort of home. Here are a boatload of ideas for healthier (but no less scrumptious) game day eats.

Sheet Pan Chicken and Vegetable Dinner

Do remember this? Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner. It generated a lot of interest on Instagram, so I wrote up a proper recipe, which you can find here.

Speaking of Instagram, if you are on there, come find me. I’m posting all kinds of deliciousness all week long and don’t want you to miss a bite.

How was your Week in Food?


01.29.2016 at9:59 AM #

Pam R

Definitely trying the pizza rolls soon!

01.30.2016 at9:28 PM #


I somehow missed the pizza roll recipe. I would love it again…

01.30.2016 at9:28 PM #

Katie Morford

Hi Marie, I followed a recipe on the site Shutterbean. Instead of using pepperoni, I sauteed the broccoli and kale as described above. There is a link to the Shutterbean recipe under the first pizza roll photos.

02.01.2016 at10:16 AM #

EA-The Spicy RD

Your “Week in Food” posts always make me so hungry 🙂 I’ve got a tree full of lemons that I need to pick, and I love your grapefruit rosemary spa water, and that yummy sheet pan dinner. Have a wonderful week!!

02.01.2016 at10:16 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you EA.

02.01.2016 at10:33 AM #

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition

I am envious of your lemon trees and of the fact that you have so many people in your life who give you amazing gifts of food! You are one lucky girl, Katie.

02.01.2016 at10:33 AM #

Katie Morford

I agree, Sally!

02.03.2016 at6:29 PM #

Jessica @ Nutritioulicious

What a delicious week! We’ve been having a lot of citrus too – the guy at Trader Joe’s even said to me “no scurvy in your house, huh?!” – I couldn’t believe he even knew about scurvy lol! Please tell us more about Rise and Shine – I can’t wait to hear about that!

02.03.2016 at6:29 PM #

Katie Morford

Stay tuned. Can’t wait to share more details.

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