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yogurt and berries

Let’s start My Week in Food with breakfast, since this was such a good one. It was on the menu at our hotel during a mini getaway with the kids (ordered it three day’s running). I’ll share my spin on the recipe soon. Stay tuned!
Frozen grapes snack

Same hotel, only this time it was a snack served poolside: a big bowl of frozen grapes. So simple and so good.  The kids loved it and so did their mother.


Speaking of healthy snacks, I opted out of the typical soccer field fare and brought a giant bowl of chilled fruit to a mid-week game. Every last juicy piece was devoured by the hungry athletes and nobody cried out, “where are the donuts?!!”

Oatmeal breakfast buffet

Served this breakfast to a crowd of kids for a sleepover. I brewed a big pot of Overnight Steel Cut Oats and served it with both sweet (honey, pear, berries, coconut) and savory (kale, salted butter, black pepper, Parmesan) toppings. No complaints.

lentil and carrot salad

Made use of two of my Top 10 Convenience foods in this side dish that took less than five minutes to make: pre-cooked lentils, shredded carrots, feta, Dijon, red wine vinegar, black pepper. Done.

parchment salmon

Served the lentils with parchment salmon: sliced fennel topped with a salmon filet, Meyer lemon slices, capers, olive oil drizzle, salt, pepper, 400 degrees until done. If you could use some pointers on cooking in parchment, head on over to Cooking Light. 
meyer lemons

Those Meyer lemons came in a big bag from Costco of all places. Saving most of them for a double batch of  preserved lemons. 

Meringue cupcakes

As usual, it hasn’t been all fruits and vegetables over here, especially since Rosie has taken her baking to a whole new level. Case in point were these killer cupcakes with caramelized meringue. Affogato recipe

I’m a lazier cook than my daughter when it comes to dessert, opting for a far simpler sweet when we hosted a dinner party one night: so easy affogato. Look for a recipe soon.

Egg pizza

Can’t stop making these beautiful breakfast pizzas. The recipe is in my new cookbook, coming to bookstores near you this summer. Seems like good timing for a breakfast book, considering what the New York Times had to say recently about the importance and ease of a good morning meal. #OnTrend

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.18.18 PM

Another worthwhile read that had me giggling every step of the way was some very funny commentary on the “Brady-Bundchen” diet. Head on over to my Facebook Page to have a peek. If you follow me on FB, be sure to click where it says “Liked” at the top of the page and highlight Notifications “On,” otherwise you are likely to miss much of what I post…and I’m posting some juicy stuff, people.

Whole roasted cauliflower

The “Brady-Bundchens” might approve of this cauliflower appetizer we ordered at a restaurant one night.  I wasn’t expecting an entire head, gorgeously burnished, to arrive on the table accompanied by a generous carving knife. I don’t know who the chef is, but I love him/her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.29.20 PM

On a slightly  more sober note, I thought this article on boys and eating disorders was worth sharing. This is so often considered “girl” territory, but registered dietitian Robin Plotkin sets the record straight with lots of great information in the process. If you’ve got boys, worth a look.


How was your Week in Food?


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