My Week in Food

Garden Goodies

I always come back from vacation with renewed energy for getting back in the kitchen. This time, it was an added bonus to come home to a garden brimming with goodies.

Zucchini Blossom Quesadillas

I didn’t have time to get too fussy with the squash blossoms. Instead, I gave them a quick saute and added them to simple quesadillas. It’s one of the tastiest ways I know to eat them, though I’m eyeing this Squash Blossom Bruschetta from Cooking Light for next time. 
Arugula Tomato Potato SaladThe garden arugula and some little potatoes went into a simple salad with a shallot and basil vinaigrette. Tomatoes came from my dentist’s garden (yes, every Monday my dentist brings in the surplus from her weekend gardening. Reason to always book a Monday appointment).

Fig Leaf Panna Cotta

These little guys are filled with fig leaf panna cotta, done for a dinner party. Looks alright, but everything went all wrong. I’ll spare you the details, except to say that I should have allowed a few days to make it instead of a few hours. There was curdled milk involved, and an epic spill.  The only one who was happy was the dog, who is still lapping up fig leaf cream from the floorboards.

Fresh Figs

Luckily, we had some good news in the world of figs this week. These beauties arrived courtesy of the California Fig Board. I immediately popped a handful into a 350 degree oven to roast until tender. I spread fromage blanc onto baguette slices and topped them with the sweet roasted figs.  Next up: this Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Figs.

Chobani Meze Dips

Goodies from Chobani also arrived this week. They’ve taken their famous yogurt in a savory direction with a line of four Meze dips. We tried the Chili Lime as a veggie dip for snack one day (thumbs up). Another night we grilled lamb kabobs and served them with Roasted Red Pepper Meze and this Mint Gremolata  Excellent.

Inside out cupcake

The kids got  busy in the kitchen when we got back from vacation, too, starting with inside out cupcakes. I have to say, they’re onto something here.

Peach Crisp

Rosie made the crumble topping for our first peach crisp of the summer. Wish we’d done it sooner. My rough formula for a crisp topping is equal parts cold butter, sugar, brown sugar, whole wheat pastry flour, oats, along with a pinch of salt.

Acai Bowls

And Virginia took things in a healthier direction with these acai bowls for dinner one night, accompanied by the Olympics on TV. That bright pink is from the pitaya fruit, which is sold in the frozen fruit section of Sprouts Farmers’ Market.

Samovar Lunch

Favorite meal out on the town this week was lunch at Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena.  They’ve taken the notion of an English tea and given it a multi-national spin. Mine was a Russian tea with a killer vegetarian borscht. Virginia went for the Japanese tea. Next time we’ll share; portions are generous as are price tags.

Seedless Concord Grapes

Concord grape season is upon us! New discovery: seedless Concord grapes. They’re actually a Concord grape/Thompson seedless hybrid, but perfect for kiddos who love the Concord grape flavor but aren’t so keen on those gnarly seeds.
Bird Seed Bars

The first of  my three girls started back to school this week, so I did up a batch of Bird Seed Bars from Rise & Shine for an easy breakfast fix. Wrapped in wax paper, she can grab one or two, slam a glass of milk, and run for the bus.

How was your Week in Food?


09.02.2016 at1:06 PM #

Shauna Powell

I love your “Week in Food” section! All your meals look delicious! They look so colorful and fresh!

09.02.2016 at1:06 PM #

Katie Morford

Thank you Shauna!

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