My Week in Food

I survived college drop off of my first born thanks entirely to Mr. Mom’s Kitchen … and this cake. Turns out my daughter’s chosen university is not only known for a great education, but is quite famous for its chocolate layer cake, which showed up at nearly every meal during our visit. I’m working on getting the recipe for all of us. Stay tuned.

everlasting mealI’ve been missing her, but find distraction to be the best medicine. I’ve had my nose buried in this inspiring book by Tamar Adler.

Chicken from Everlasting MealsThis dish came from the first chapter: a boiled chicken dinner topped with salsa verde. Sounds underwhelming, but it was uncommonly delicious, as is the prose of the book. Who has read it?

Chicken Sooup

Nearly as good was the chicken soup I made the next night. Starting with the leftover cooking broth, chicken, and veggies, I added tiny alphabet pasta, loads of spinach, Parmesan, and a spoon of leftover salsa verde. There was enough, even, for lunches on the third day.


Being busy with my new book has been a welcome distraction too, especially when I get photos like this one. It was from a friend who discovered her 16-year-old son busy at the blender with my Strawberries and Cream Smoothie recipe. Bestill my heart.


It’s always a thrill to see my book on a store shelf for the first time, especially when it’s placed next to Chrissy Teigan, because, you know, we’re both married to music moguls and moonlight as bikini models.


Another one from Rise & Shine — Honey Stewed Summer Fruit — that I made in a giant batch this week. Half went into the freezer for another day. Make it now before every last plum, peach, and nectarine is gone from the market!

Yogurt with Warm Plum Compote
The finished fruit is crazy delicious over Greek yogurt for breakfast. 

Smoothie Packs

More on the subject of breakfast, I did up these green smoothie packs so the kids can whirl together quick and dirty blends in the morning. Just add ice. 
Applesauce Molasses Donuts

New obsession: A Mini Donut Pan I may never eat a full size donut again, though you may find me eating several mini ones in one sitting. How cute are these Baked Applesauce Molasses donuts?
tuna sandwich

All my kids were officially back to school this week, which meant restocking the lunch box pantry. On day one, I did up Superfood Tuna Sandwiches, with enough extra for my own working lunch later in the day.  All those healthy Omega-3s in my lunch? I’ve never been sharper.
Acai BowlsI ended the week on a high note with a visit to the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen armed with practically enough granola to feed the entire company. It was for a No Kid Hungry fundraiser that included a contest for prettiest acai bowl. I’d say the test kitchen crew did okay, no?

How was your Week in Food?

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09.03.2016 at4:58 AM #


When is your next cookbook signing??

09.03.2016 at4:58 AM #

Katie Morford

I’m going to post a little schedule in a few days. Stay tuned!

09.10.2016 at8:27 AM #


Yes! Tamar Adler’s book is fascinating. The writing and content is lovely, immersive and quite different.

09.10.2016 at8:27 AM #

Katie Morford

Agreed on every front. I’m trying to make at least one of her recipes from every chapter. So far so very good.

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