My Week in Food

Today’s post should be renamed MY WEEK IN CARBS considering the dietary imbalance in our household at the moment, something that became quite clear looking back at the assorted snapshots from the week.

The carbathon began with a mad scramble to pull together a quick dessert for friends coming over for some holiday cheer. Virginia and I got out the candy canes, which she smashed into smithereens using a heavy mallet.

Swirled the candy cane crumbs into vanilla frozen yogurt leftover from these Eggnog Floats and then set the Peppermint Fro Yo in the freezer to firm up. Voila: a low-fat holiday dessert.
Our friends arrived with a jar of this deliciousness, Black Mission Fig and Maple Preserves. Love the charming Weck canning jar nearly as much as I love what’s inside.

Speaking of good gifts, this came in the mail from my brother and his restaurant partners: a DIY kit for Pasta alla Amatriciana. Included was a jar of tomato conserve, a vial of hot chili oil, a package of imported spaghetti, and a recipe. How cute is that?

The finished pasta tasted like someone’s Roman grandma made it in her warm Italian kitchen and delivered it to my dining table.

Hosted a cookie-making party featuring these Swedish Ginger Cookies. The recipe has been in my holiday repertoire for 15 years and makes excellent crispy gingerbread cutouts.

Found the toaster oven worked like a charm for this breakfast pizza on whole wheat lavash. Here you’ll find  a quick how to.”

We did manage some vegetables this week, only in this case, accompanied by a cheddar cheese sauce that Rosie made (with a little tutoring). I’ve never seen the kids take down a head of cauliflower so fast.

This also came in the mail: a box of See’s Chocolates. You can have your pricey artisanal chocolates any day, I’ll take my Nuts and Chews, thank you.

Finished up the week’s parade of carbs  with this “bread buffet” requested for breakfast by Isabelle on her birthday. Apparently we’ve moved on from donuts, the usual birthday request.

And finally, got to share the good news with Alison T.  and Kathleen K.  that they  won this year’s Gratitude Giveaway. Congrats…and stay tuned for more giveaways soon.

What kind of cooking did you get up to this week?


12.21.2012 at7:38 AM #


Let me be the first to say: ‘love it!’ What a week and had a chuckle at the ‘nuts and chews’ comment, because I feel you on that one. Happy holidays to you and yours.

12.21.2012 at7:38 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Julie. Happy holidays to you all, too! xx, Katie

12.21.2012 at7:53 AM #


I love your blog, Kate, And birthday breads? Isabelle is a girl after my own heart! Happy Holidays from The Akers

12.21.2012 at7:53 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks for reading Judee. Happy holidays to all of you…xoxokatie

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