My Week in Food

Applesauce in a pot

Looking back at the December My Weeks in Food , it was clear we needed to clean up our act a little over here. So starting 10 Days of Real Food feels well timed …and is largely the focus of the photos I snapped with my iphone this week.

Panicked that she’d have to wait 10 days to use the “as seen on tv” brownie pan gifted from her auntie for Christmas, Rosie baked up a batch on the eve of the “Real Food” launch. The sweets accompanied her to school the next day so as not to tempt us  (ok, me) out of our resolve to take a pass on sugar.

Needing a chocolate fix that meets the “Real Food” requirements, I tinkered with cocoa, nuts, and dried fruit to make something akin to a chocolate Larabar. This first attempt was a bit of a crumbly mess.

Round two (pictured) was better, though still needed  work. By round three, the bars prompted this response from my oldest, “They’re pretty good, mom,” which for a teenager, commenting on anything involved dried fruit and nuts, is akin to a four star review. Recipe coming your way on Monday.

Attempting to prove to my family that this Real Food thing isn’t so bad after all, I made pizza.  Sauteed a big mess of onions, peppers, and mushrooms and layered it under Mozzarella on a whole-wheat crust. Made extra to pack into school lunches. Yum.

Got apples bubbling on the stove to make a batch of my rustic Juicebox Applesauce.

This time, though, I cooked the apples a tad longer than usual, and then ran them through the blender. Even with peels intact, it made a pretty creamy applesauce.

New favorite slow cooker dish: Spicy Lentil Tortilla from my friend Jane, who writes The Zen of Slow Cooking.  Indian tacos we’re calling them.  Try.

The kids slurped down these Carrot Apple Ginger Refreshers for an after school snack, a recipe I developed for Cooking Light a couple of years ago. This time, though, I subbed in plain yogurt and a squeeze of honey for the sweetened vanilla yogurt to keep with the “Real Food” rules.

And speaking of snacks, this is my new best friend: a squirrel nut cracker (a gift from my friend Alison) that now lives on our dining table.

How was your Week in Food.


01.11.2013 at8:59 AM #

Jane McKay

Wow you’ve been busy! I’m impressed with the variety in the 10 days of real food. A great way to start the year. Larabars look very pro.

01.11.2013 at8:59 AM #

Katie Morford

I think most moms are just as busy in the kitchen…the only difference is that I’m documenting it like a crazy person with my iphone.

01.11.2013 at9:08 AM #

Nicole(Whole Strides)

Everything looks really good! And I love that squirrel nutcracker! He is super cute!

01.11.2013 at9:08 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Nicole.

01.12.2013 at9:47 AM #


My week in food has been downright exciting. With my husband a newly minted vegan, I am free from the traditional dinner chains! I spent an entire day cooking up beans, soups, and salads which lasted all week! It made dinnertime a snap. I love eating real.

01.12.2013 at9:47 AM #

Katie Morford

I’m finding the challenge of having some dietary restrictions is leading to loads of fresh ideas. Sounds like you are too!

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