My Week in Food

Here are a handful of snapshots of what life looked like in my kitchen over the past week, taken with my iphone.

I figured we had a wholesome new morning staple on our hands when I made these  Date Almond Breakfast Bars from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. The kids? Not so much, “too grainy,”  “too nutty,” and “too datey,” was the consensus. Borderline delighted to have the bars all to myself.

Sometimes the best snacks are the old standbys.  Made this classic for after school this week and the kids didn’t think it was “too” anything.  Just good.

On the subject of good snacks, Will, the fitness trainer who kicks my booty in cross fit boot camp, delivered these parcels of yummy “Sprouted Paleo Granola” made by his girlfriend. She even wrote out the recipe by hand on the back. How sweet is that?

There’s nothing like a gift of handmade food.  Wish I had this ribbon collection, spied in a West Portal gift shop, for tying them up.
Pretty ribbons were actually in order this week since it was Mr. Mom’s Kitchen’s birthday.  Put together a celebratory dinner starting with this simple appetizer:  herb goat cheese on baguette topped with preserved tomatoes and fleur de sel.
And finishing with affogato, a two-ingredient crowd pleaser traditionally made by pouring espresso  over vanilla ice cream. Since we don’t own an espresso machine, I brewed good quality decaf coffee  and amped up the flavor by using salted caramel ice cream. Cra Cra Delish (teenage text speak for Crazy Delicious)
Also did some celebrating with my friend Layne at the newish cafe, The Chocolate Lab.  We ordered up a little bubbly to toast our long overdue lunch date (I know, drinking at noon, so naughty).
Love how winter ingredients go together so happily as in this  pretty salad: beets, cara cara oranges, toasted walnuts, chives, Meyer lemon juice, balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Can’t stop making applesauce. Usually I remember to take off the stickers before the sauce gets bubbling. Usually.
Cracked open this inspiring slower cooker book for the first time. Stay tuned for some seriously excellent pinto beans coming your way next week.
And congratulation to Kathleen and Sean, the winners of the  mac&cheese cookbook giveaway.
So, how was your week in food?


02.25.2013 at12:06 AM #


Thanks for the inspiration and easy recipes to follow! I am going to try and make those date bars and other yummy food you have posted!

02.25.2013 at12:06 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Nancy, Those date bars are yummy and they freeze really well. Thanks for the comment.

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