My Week in Food

Here are a few highlights of My Week in Food since last Friday, captured on my iphone.

Leftover buttermilk + leftover heavy cream means, what else? A batch of creme fraiche. I’m thinking perfect spooned alongside Ellie Krieger’s Apple Brown Betty right about now.
Best, easiest, healthiest, family-favorite pre-dinner nibble? Padron peppers blistered in a piping hot skillet with olive oil and salt. One in 10 is a little spicy. Pepper roulette.

The kids plus one cousin set up a tiny table for two in the kitchen and whipped up scrumptious flapjacks, a recipe they found on Martha Stewart while Mr. Mom’s Kitchen and I snoozed. Can’t think of a better argument to teach kids to cook.

Unlike their mother, the children appreciate an apron.
My “go to” after school snack when the cupboards are bare: popcorn cooked stovetop with olive oil in this heavy cast iron pot.

Current favorite quickie workday lunch: leftover cooked veggies warmed with Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba Strips and toasted cashews. Delish.

My friend Claire gifted us this most heavenly fall fruit grown in her very own yard: concord grapes. The fruit, packed with seeds, pops right out of its thick skin and floods your mouth with killer flavor. Get some.

What’s your week been like in the kitchen?


10.05.2012 at10:14 AM #

Stacy Whitman

In my next life, I want to come back as one of your kids, Katie. 🙂 Love the 50s style photographs! Beautiful!

10.05.2012 at10:14 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you!!

10.05.2012 at10:48 AM #


The peppers made my mouth water. Love all the photos.

10.05.2012 at1:04 PM #


Could you share how you pop corn in your enamel pot without burning the heck out of your pot?

10.05.2012 at1:04 PM #

Katie Morford

Hi Audrey, I think the color of the pot makes it look enamel but it’s actually a very heavy cast iron pot. You’re right, a light weight enamel pot wouldn’t likely work.

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