My Week in Food

Here are a handful of snapshots from the week that capture some of what I got up to in the kitchen, all taken with my iphone.

Set out a package of puff pastry and a bowl of apples on Saturday morning and let the kids (plus sleepover buddies) have at it. Tada! Apple pastries with Greek yogurt for all.

Made a big crunchy salad for Sunday lunch using the bits and bobs in the fridge and served it alongside tuna with white beans, olives, celery, scallions, lemon zest, olive oil, mayo, and lemon juice. Not a bite was left in the bowl. Success.

Was awaiting a bright idea for what to do with an abundance of squash (thanks Facebook peeps for chiming in) when Virginia had her own bright idea.  Amazing what  a nine-year-old can accomplish when armed with a few bottles of nail polish.

Who said kids need sugar to get excited about dessert? Put anything on a stick and they’ll think you’re a rock star.

A maiden voyage using nettles in my kitchen.  Remembered the hard way why they’re called stinging nettles.  I’ll be donning gloves next time.

Cooked the nettles with fennel, leeks, and  salmon  in parchment, a variation on the crazy good Salmon en Papillote with Dill Yogurt Sauce from Cooking Light, a hands-down winner that will be making a repeat performance over here.

Had to snap a shot of these gorgeous vintage rolling pins at my friend Wendy’s house.  She doesn’t bake, but she does have an eye for pretty things.

More eye candy: Meyer lemon season continues and I can’t stop taking pictures of them.

Occasional perks of the job: freebies in the mail like this storehouse of Chobani Greek yogurt.  Sampled the pear, which is flavored with…surprise!…pear….and tastes like…pear.  Yum.

A simple weekday breakfast after the kids left for school: whole grain toast with almond butter, diced apples, a cup of  tea, and a quiet house.  Love that.

The quiet doesn’t last long.  After school I made this crunchy snack of plain popcorn, salted almonds, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips.

How was your week in food?





02.15.2013 at9:06 AM #


Love your blog! So inspiring! Keep up the great work!!

02.15.2013 at9:06 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Barbara…I so appreciate that.

02.15.2013 at12:52 PM #


So what happens when I see your lovely photos and want to make what you made?

Keep em coming…

02.16.2013 at9:47 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Kathleen, I try to provide recipe links and “how tos” as much as possible. Feel free to ask for more detail here in the comments section and I’ll do my best to full you in!

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