My Week in Food

Lots happening in food this week: I attended a culinary conference, tested a dozen new recipes for a magazine article I’m working on, and snuck in a few fun meals, all captured on my iphone.



Picked up this creamy wonder at the farmer’s market made with Sheep’s milk yogurt. Those little carrots were so sweet.

Hosted friends for dinner and committed that cardinal sin of entertaining: making a recipe for guests I’d never tried before. Luckily this Vinegar Glossed Chicken from the always -reliable Mad Hungry didn’t disappoint.

Took a gluten-free, sugar-free baking class at the conference and was wowed by Peter Reinhart’s technique for using ground nuts in lieu of traditional gluten-free flours, including in this flavorful bundt pan quickbread. I see nut flour experimentation in our future.

Came home to wonder if I had my own baking professionals under foot: Virginia and Isabelle made these shortbread beauties enjoyed later that night under a cloud of whipped cream and sliced berries.

New snack find: Crunchy roasted chick peas from The Good Bean: 6 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein per serving. Beats a bag of potato chips.

In the quest for whole grain pasta that will past muster with the kids, I found this four- grain version sent by the folks at Magnoodle to go totally under the radar. I haven’t seen it  in my local market yet, but soon, I hope.

Speaking of freebies, nabbed this ceramic paring knife from Kyocera and am still marveling. It’s light as a feather but seems to slice through anything. Plus, it’s pretty.
Lots of eating and drinking when you go to a culinary conference. When it was all over, I quenched my craving for veggies by making a giant “salad bar in a bowl” whereby everyone gets to pick and choose their favorites.
What were some of your favorites this week in food?


04.12.2013 at11:11 AM #


i loved my kyocera too, but be careful- so easy to chip the blade!

04.12.2013 at11:11 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks for the tip. I’ve never used ceramic before.

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