My Week in Food

Although I’m a sucker for a good currant-studded soda bread, this Irish Brown Bread from Cooking Light was the highlight of the week.  Made with whole wheat flour, steel-cut oats, and loads of buttermilk, it’s made in a single bowl with no rising and no yeast to mess with. Toasted with Irish butter and jam? A delicious way to start your St. Patty’s Day morning.

Here are a handful of other highlights from My Week in Food.

More signs of Spring including the season’s first strawberries in my CSA box…just the beginning of a colorful fruit parade that will take us into summer.

And it’s a good thing to have those juicy berries land on my doorstep since I gave up sweets for Lent. A visit to the Tcho chocolate shop and factory with the kids tried my will. Free samples are hard to pass up.

Speaking of sweets, I asked Virginia to take a pass on making cupcakes for a class party. She wasn’t thrilled at first, but then came up with this cute alternative: Mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes on frilly toothpicks.

Getting festive in a more adult sort of manner, love these little bottles of sparkling wine that Mr. Mom’s Kitchen brought home for his wife, whom he knows to be a lover of all things small and all things bubbly.  Just enough for a toast for two.

Rummaged through the fridge for Sunday brunch and made this stick-to-your ribs egg dish: sauteed onions, diced potatoes, chopped chard, eggs on top, smoked paprika.

Here’s something else on the breakfast front: single-serve PLAIN yogurt. Thank you Stonyfield Farm.

Looking forward to flipping through the pages of this book, which looks to be packed with useful tidbits and fresh ideas for healthy eating. Aside from his terrific track record in book publishing, author  David Grotto stands out in the world of registered dietitians both because he is male  (the great majority of us are of the female tribe) and about seven feet tall. I’m thinking I might gain and inch or two if I just eat what he’s eating. No?

Had a mom and daughter dinner date over fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and generous salads at the charming Mission Cheese shop. Have you been?

Picked up some gorgeous halibut from a local market, which I poached in broth with sliced potatoes, kale, fennel, and saffron. Topped it a quick yogurt caper sauce. Light and luscious.

How was your Week in Food?


03.15.2013 at7:20 AM #


Thanks for the tip on the Brown Bread – there is something magical about homemade bread, especially when its as simple as this!

03.15.2013 at8:59 AM #


gorgeous katie, can you post the yogurt caper sauce recipe? i’m discovering the world of savory yogurt.

03.15.2013 at8:59 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Yunah, The sauce was Greek yogurt, chopped capers, a little Meyer lemon juice and zest.

03.19.2013 at12:27 PM #

David Grotto, RDN

Thanks for the shout out, Katie. Enjoy the book!

03.27.2013 at11:27 AM #


The brown bread is amazing! The whole family enjoyed it and it was super easy. Thanks for sharing.

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