My Week in Food

Here’s what My Week in Food looked like …shown with a handful of iphone snapshots.  How was yours?

Check out these purple beauties. Simply steamed with lemon, salt and pepper. So tender and sweet …like Spring.

I used to think I made pretty good birthday cakes until I acquired a sister-in-law who does things like make tender, whipped cream-filled chocolate cupcakes topped with individually designed, totally edible skateboards complete with bright blue wheels for her son’s 6th birthday. I think I’ll go back to brownies.

Speaking of creative chefs, check out these two cuties — Virginia and a playmate –inventing something mysterious in the kitchen. They wrote up the recipe and brought samples into class. That’s some confidence.

Proof that bacon makes everything better: the whole crew went in for seconds of Alton Brown’s tasty Lentil Salad. The fact that I cut the amount of bacon in half seemed to have no bearing on  its appeal.

More experimenting with the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, I cooked Chicken Milanese topped with a mustardy arugula and fennel salad. The leftover chicken was excellent cut into strips with salad on the side for  lunch boxes the next day.

The Smitten recipe was a little more laborious than I like for a weeknight supper. Grateful for foods that are best done simply such as this  grilled salmon with Meyer lemon.

I may have given up sweets for Lent, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been skimping on indulgences. Check out my new favorite lunch: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich griddled in a hot skillet with a swirl of butter. I feel like I’m a little late to the game on this one. DEEElicious.

Took these guys out to the garden for a photo opp.  Happy Easter everyone!




03.29.2013 at8:53 AM #


Those skateboards… wow.

03.29.2013 at8:53 AM #

Katie Morford

I know. She’s amazing.

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