My Week in Food

Another busy week in food. The weather turned warm, two of the kids were on Spring break, and we escaped the city for a few days. Here’s what it looked like, snapped with my iphone.


I know some of you are still seeing snow, so I hesitate to share the fact that we spent Sunday morning over an al fresco breakfast. Best was  the bowlful of strawberries I can’t get enough of this time of year.

Braised Baby Artichokes with Shaved Parmesan/

We also enjoyed more of that other seasonal favorite this week: artichokes. This time I bought a dozen of the little ones.

Braised Baby Artichokes with Shaved Parmesan /

Stripped the leaves down to the tender pale green/yellow insides, split them in half, and braised them with spring onions in olive oil and white wine. A little lemon juice, salt, and shaved Parmesan finished things off.  Try it.  I found this recipe, which might help the uninitiated.

Making Sushi /

Isabelle got a wild hair to make sushi one night. The result: a beautiful Japanese-style supper made completely on her own. Proud mama I was, and more proof that yes, there are upsides to having a teenager.

Tangy Sun-Dried Mount Ranier Cherries /

Fabulous new find at the farmer’s market: Mount Rainier dried cherries. So tangy and good on their own, I’m not sure they’ll ever make it into a proper dessert or cooked dish.

Beautiful Farm Eggs /

I know, “stop taking picture of eggs!” But these were too pretty to pass up.

Make your own grilled veggie tacos/

Spring break lunch one day: make your own grilled veggie tacos.


Took a little field trip to Harley Farms to visit the baby goats.

Artfully package goat cheese from Harley Farms

And enjoy some of the fruits of their labor: Goat cheese as art.


Speaking of farms, this new read from Daphne Miller, author of  the inimitable Jungle Effect, made its debut this week.  Inspired by seven rather special farms, the book digs deep into the connection between sustainable agriculture and health. Can’t wait to dig in myself.


On the subject of digging, we did some of our own,  planting the summer garden.  It was all veggies this time around, save for a couple of petunias, which Virginia claimed were garden essentials.


With the hard work of gardening behind us and it being Spring break, we figured it was a “sundaes for supper” sort of occasion. Mr. Mom’s Kitchen wasn’t home that night, which was probably a good thing since he might insist on some proper food.


How was your week in food?








04.24.2013 at8:44 AM #

construction springfield mo

We must reward ourselves with sundaes after a hard week! We long forward for another week of great food!


04.24.2013 at8:44 AM #

Katie Morford

Absolutely !!

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