My Week in Food

There was a little more eating out this past week than usual, although still plenty of eating in. Here’s what My Week in Food was about, all captured on my iphone.

Rhubarb /

Love the ruby hue of rhubarb. These fat stalks were the first I’d seen this Spring. I cooked them into a savory compote, which I’ll tell you more about in another week or so. Stay tuned.


After  an apple cake fell flat, I pinpointed the culprit: expired baking soda, which reminded me to remind you to check the dates on those boxes. You can also follow these tips from The Kitchn on how to test if your leavening is still active

Broccoli with toasted walnuts, currants, and feta / momskitchenhandbook.comEasy way to spruce up a head of steamed broccoli: currants, toasted walnuts, crumbled feta, lemon juice and zest. Yum.


Took (strong-armed?) the kids into the Museum of Modern Art where they found the desserts in the cafe more compelling than anything hanging on the walls. Pastry chef Caitlin Freeman uses art as inspiration for each confection. The offerings change as exhibits come and go.

MAD_coverFreeman turned the concept into this pretty book, which includes recipes and writes ups about all the original works of art that inspire the baking. How about that Mondrian cake?


On the subject of sweets,we took a tour of Tcho, a local chocolate factory that prides itself on quality with an eye to sustainability and ethics. It’s free, fascinating, and ends with a buffet of chocolate tasting. Go.


Got my copy of the charming new cookbook Absolutely Avocados thanks to author Gaby Dalkins. Within an hour I had made a “breakfast for dinner’ version of her tasty Southwestern Egg Casserole, topped with…what else… avocados.

Signs of Spring /

Snapped this bucket of gorgeousness at French Blue, a bright and bustling eatery in the wine country town of St. Helena.

Coconut Date Walnut Scones / momskitchenhandbook.comWhere we shared …or I should say inhaled….these delicate, crumbly coconut date walnut scones. Gotta figure out how to knock those off in my own kitchen.


On our return from St Helena, we popped into the much beloved Tra Vigne Pizzeria for a couple of “half baked” pies.  An hour and a half in the car and then several more in the fridge, I’d say they came out looking pizzeria perfect.

How was your week in food?



04.26.2013 at2:23 PM #

Jane McKay

wow what a week of color! I will certainly be adding Tcho to our agenda when we’re in town this summer.

04.26.2013 at2:23 PM #

Katie Morford

Unfortunately, some of your crew fall quite shy of the age minimum, which I think is 8.

04.26.2013 at4:09 PM #

meg hart

looking forward to hearing more about rhubarb – that’s one that always intimidates me!

04.28.2013 at4:57 PM #


We went to the new Exploratorium last weekend and popped into the chocolate place. Yum!

04.28.2013 at4:57 PM #

Katie Morford

So fun…I love that little coffee/chocolate bar they have there, too.

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