My Week in Food

It was a jam-packed Week in Food with some lovely eats and one exploding egg incident (that, unfortunately, I can’t blame on the kids). Here’s what it all looked like snapped with my iphone.


Discovered  the yard where we spent Fourth of July was teeming with wild strawberries as tiny as the tip of your pinkie finger The youngest amongst us, Sean, age two, was the most devoted forager of all. Being low to the ground has its advantages.IMG_1874Sean’s mama, Alison, set us up with this beautiful brunch featuring some of  that succulent fruit I wrote about earlier this week.


This colorful dessert was a hit on the Fourth served by my festively dressed niece, Jacqueline. Called “Eton Mess,” it’s an English sweet of crushed meringue folded into whipped cream and topped with berries. Easy to do without a recipe, but here’s one for reference sake.

Sumac-Rubbed Chicken /

Grilled up a pile of Sumac-Rubbed Butterfield Chicken, a recipe from Cheryl Sternman Rule which is as tasty as it sounds.IMG_1977Made this Melon and Cucumber Cooler by whirling half of a very ripe galia melon, half of a peeled, seeded cucumber, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 4 ice cubes in a blender.  Hadn’t planned that it would so perfectly match the paint in my dining room.


Virginia decided to bake a cake in the tiny spring form pans she got for her birthday. Apparently she needed to write and illustrate the recipe on a miniature chalkboard before she finished the job.IMG_1963

Which turned out pretty darling spread with unsweetened whipped cream and a single strawberry on top.


My favorite neighborhood shop, Perch, has some of the cutest picnic wares I’ve seen of late starting with these mason jar mugs and colorful straws.


And these little sets of wooden cutlery  done up in paper packets. Let the outdoor party planning begin!

Tomato stack salad / Putting this on my cooking agenda for the week now that tomatoes are in abundance: Tomato Stack Salad from the folks over at Cooking Light. How pretty is that?


This perfect soft boiled beauty was the prize after I cleaned up the exploding egg incident. It was worth the wait.

How was your Week in Food?  What did you cook? What did you eat?



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Of course my favorite is the miniature cake with the strawberry on top!

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