My Week in Food


Started the week off with a clafoutis Rosie made using the plums, apricots, and peaches that remained in the fruit bowl and substituting apple juice for the Armanac. It was delicious as dessert, even better topped with yogurt for breakfast the next day. 

Cleaned and organized the fridge as sparkling as a Kitchenaid ad. So crazily satisfying that I had to snap a photo, which was the cause for much eye rolling by my teenager (who photographs their fridge?).  This kind of perfection isn’t going to last, so must document.


I have a soft spot for Russian nesting dolls, so fell hard for these lunch boxes, so sweet it made me want to pack a lunch.  IMG_2096Speaking of lunch, spotted my actual book in an actual book store for the first time. It was on display at Omnivore Books, where I’ll be doing a signing on September 15. 

Happy to spend time outside in the garden this week where I harvested “still life in vegetables”, including the first tomatoes of summer.


These guys didn’t fare so well:  an overgrown squash and a couple of gnarled roots that landed in the compost. My gardening skills are limited.

IMG_2013We also spent some time outdoors having a picnic followed by  a hike in the woods. This was our view: California redwoods.


We had a picnic for breakfast this week too, with these parfaits-to-go: honey-drizzed Greek yogurt, blackberries, apricots, crunchy cereal on top.

How was your week in food?


07.21.2013 at4:32 AM #


I want to live at Katie’s! Or at least have her make my lunche.

07.21.2013 at4:32 AM #

Katie Morford

I want you to live at my house Sarah!

07.21.2013 at7:13 AM #


Beautiful Clafouti,Rosie!

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