My Week in Food

tomato and burrata salad /

This was an excellent way to start the week off … Sunday dinner featuring juicy tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt, and lumps of creamy burrata cheese. Make this! It’s summer on a plate.


Whose husband gives them graphic posters of pork and an illustration of knives for their birthday? Mine does. They only took me a year to frame and another to hang. Love them.


Took the “Unsung: Elevating Vegetables in the Modern Home Kitchen” cooking class at 18 Reasons, the non-profit associated with Bi-Rite market. Thanks to our excellent teacher, Michelle McKenzie, we learned to tame the likes nettles, daikon radish, and tomatillos and made this refreshing shaved daikon salad with pea shoots.

baby's first green juice / momskitchenhandbook.comOn the subject of vegetables, here’s proof that it’s never too early to introduce new flavors. We gave my neice a little green juice in a bottle and she slurped it down like chocolate milk. Just gotta keep it up through the toddler years.

vegan sweet potato "quesadilla" / momskitchenhandbook.comLooks like it was a veggie sort of week including lunch at Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant in San Francisco: Sweet potato “quesadillas” with cashew nut crema and toasted pumpkin seeds. I love my cheese and sour cream, but didn’t miss it on this luscious plate of food.

gluten-free coconut cake /

I always have to show off my sister-in-law Alison’s beautiful confections including this twist on her coconut cake, make gluten-free for my mom’s birthday.

IMG_2170This is what greeted me at Sarah Becker Skincare after my friend (Sarah) treated me to the world’s best facial: a little tableau of roasted almonds, dark chocolate, and a dried fig along with herb tea. Spoiled rotten.


Looking forward to the upcoming Week in Food, including my first book signing on August 1st at Hicklebees in San Jose. I’ll be doing a demo of recipes from the book and raffling off great lunch box gear from Lifefactory and Kids Konserve. Come!


07.26.2013 at9:57 AM #

Sarah Crowder

My 16-month-old loves green smoothies and green juices – just like his mama 🙂

07.26.2013 at9:57 AM #

Katie Morford

He may just love them BECAUSE his mama loves them. Lots of interesting research on how we impact our baby’s tastebuds starting inutero!

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