My Week in Food

The last week and a half slipped by before I had a chance to share My Week in Food. I think I was too busy making food and talking about food to tell you about it. But we’re back on track. Perhaps this time around I’ll call it Two Weeks in Food.

Cherry Tomato Crostini /

There’s nothing like a Saturday lunch in the summertime when goodies from the garden are plentiful. I piled cherry tomatoes doused in a little olive oil, basil, salt, and garlic onto crusty bread. Watermelon with prosciutto and blanched green beans with shaved Parmesan rounded out a meal that was devoured in its entirety.


Refilled the coffers, though, after a visit to my dentist on Monday morning. She hauls leftover loot from her garden to the office after the weekend for her lucky patients to plunder:  #bestdentistever IMG_2268After hearing for months about the fitness craze with a cult following known as Soul Cycle, I popped into a class to see what the fuss was all about. It’s sort of a cross between “spinning on speed” with a dash of motivational speaking, all set to loud music and dimmed lights. I’m kind of hooked. Anyone else?

Open-Faced Tomato and Egg Sandwich

This open-faced breakfast went over well with everyone under our roof. Perfect tomatoes never hurt.
Very Berry Skewers / momskitchenhandbook.comDid a radio interview about my book with Ryan Scott (former top chef celeb) and brought him a packed school lunch complete with these Very Berry Skewers.


Escaped the city for a few days where the outdoors inspired the kids to create this  “dinner for two” set up for me and Mr. Mom’s Kitchen.

Peach and Mozzarella Salad /

They prepped the meal from start to finish, which started with peaches — layered with Mozzarella and mint in a stacked salad.


And finished with peaches — oven roasted and served with whipped cream. In between they made a killer mint/parsley/pesto pasta inspired by  this recipe from Sunset magazine.


My own homemade pesto a few days later started out just as promising using basil, mint, and toasted almonds.


But it went all wrong somewhere along the way…so bitter I had to feed it to the compost and admit that my kids had one-upped me in pesto.


A giant box of Lifefactory water bottles landed on my doorstep this week, destined for giveaways at my book events, including one I just signed on to do at Central Market in Houston. Come!

Slutty Brownie Cake /

One of the girls was in the mood to bake something off-the-charts-decadent , so I threw my RD credential out the window for an afternoon and pulled out a recipe from my friend Gaby Dalkins for (cover your ears little ones) Slutty Brownies whereby cookie and brownie dough are layered in a pan with chocolate sandwich cookies in the middle. We did it up in a 10-inch round instead of a square pan, so it was quite pretty in addition to being more than adequately decadent and wholly delicious.


After baking up that sort of dessert, there was no room for any whining, complaining, and definitely not frowning.

How was your Week in Food?



08.17.2013 at3:57 PM #


Add in some peanut butter and Slutty Brownies might quite possibly be my desert island food (dessert island?!?!)! Also, where do you do Soul Cycle in SF?

08.17.2013 at3:57 PM #

Katie Morford

There is a soul cycle at Larkspur Landing in Marin and one opening soon on Union Street

08.18.2013 at3:18 PM #


Sweet kids! Yummy peaches and a wowser of a chocolate desert

08.19.2013 at12:52 PM #

Rebecca from the Fieldhouse Kitchen

That pesto looks fantastic! Great idea to use almonds. I also love your Saturday lunch… Is there anything better than grape tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with basil and salt? Yum!

08.19.2013 at12:52 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Rebecca. Good tomatoes don’t need much, that’s for sure!

08.19.2013 at2:43 PM #

Deborah Wood

how do I get the recipe for slutty brownies. couldn’t figure it out. I am on facebook and pinterest

08.19.2013 at2:43 PM #

Katie Morford

If you scroll down and click on the words “Slutty Brownies” it will take you to the recipe.

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