My Week in Food

The theme for the week appears to be “all things back-to-school.” Here’s how it shaped up, snapped with my iphone.

Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies /

I wanted to tuck a treat into school lunch on “day one” so I made whole grain Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies from Best Lunch Box Ever, using the toaster oven to make a mini batch and stowing the extra dough in the freezer for next time.


The cookie was accompanied by fresh strawberries, bell peppers, and a chick pea/veggie/feta combo I call “Love Salad.” The containers came home empty.

Homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather /

We tried out homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather for the first time … a recipe swiped from Real Mom Nutrition. Made with loads of fresh strawberries and a little lemon juice and sugar, it’s a TOTAL KEEPER.

Back-to-school Mac and Cheese /

The kids requested Mac and Cheese for “back-to-school” supper and asked that I not mess with perfection by stirring in vegetables or swapping regular noodles for quinoa, spelt or some other variation. Point taken.  This time.


I was sure to make a big enough batch so there would be extra for lunches the next day. 

Kids Konserve Lunch Kit / momskitchenhandbook.comSpeaking of lunch, I’m completely smitten with these Kids Konserve lunch kits, which have everything from the brand’s signature stainless steel containers to cloth napkins and a sturdy water bottle. Forget the kids, I want one.


I thought it might be a mistake at the farm when EIGHT eggplants arrived in my CSA box this week. I’m doing my best to work my way through them…although next week might be called “My Week in Eggplant.”

IEggplant Rollatini /

I did use up three of them in Eggplant Rollatini, a dish inspired by this Real Simple recipe. I only had cottage cheese in the fridge, so used that in place of ricotta, and cut the amount of olive oil and cheese in half. It was a family-wide hit.

DIY Fro Yo Tubes /

I’m experimenting with these silicon pop molds for school lunches starting with a yogurt pop mixture of Greek yogurt, milk, berries, maple syrup, and vanilla. Will report back.


Peanut butter-filled graham crackers are a favorite after school snack in our house and I’ve finally landed on a whole grain cracker that doesn’t taste like health food. Go Annie’s Organic.


 I figure nobody escapes the challenges of “back-to-school” so I sent a copy of my cookbook to the White House. Perhaps the First Lady (and White House chef) need a little lunch box inspiration, too.

How was your Week in Food?


08.30.2013 at4:03 PM #


where did you get the silicon pop molds? can’t wait to see your posts about your success (i’m eternally optimistic) w/the yoghurt pops. and any all the other recipes you come up with.

08.30.2013 at4:03 PM #

Katie Morford

Found them at New Leaf market in Half Moon Bay … But you can also find them online. The brand is Norpro.

08.31.2013 at4:46 AM #


Love your experiments— especially the yogurt pops this week!!!

08.31.2013 at8:29 AM #

Holly McCormick

What is in your love salad, that looks yummy!

08.31.2013 at8:29 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Holly…it’s in my cookbook….chick peas, diced fennel, lemon juice, raisins, feta, olive oil.

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