My Week in Food

Hummus with Roasted Sweet Potato/ momskitchenhandbook.comThe kids have been arriving home from after school sports ravenous. I try to ply them with fruits and vegetables until I can get dinner on the table (a better approach than snatching pretzels and graham crackers from their hungry paws). Here I put out hummus spiked with a roasted sweet potato with carrots for dipping.
IMG_2778The leftover hummus proved handy the next day in lunch box turkey wraps along with a shredded carrot/pistachio/dried cranberry salad  on the side (dressed with a splash of vinegar, a pinch of sugar, and a pinch of salt).
imgres-2Went to an event at Chronicle Books and treated myself to something I’ve had my eye on for years written by the folks behind the fabulous Rancho Gordo Bean company. Stay tuned on all things beans.
SnapseedSmall victory: My sister, who was quite pleased with her own method for soft cooking an egg, sent me this photo of the perfect results she got using the approach I posted about on Monday.  A convert!
IMG_2774Had leftover filo dough after making  Spinach and Feta Pie so Virginia and I experimented with applesauce-filled filo pockets. They were tasty hot from the oven, but we concluded puff pastry would have been a better choice. What isn’t better with puff pastry?

Edible Bouquet / momskitchenhandbook.comLove these clever kitchen bouquets from Oak Hill Farms: whole heads of garlic, chiles, edible flowers, and herbs.
Green Beans with Smokey Pistachio Dust / momskitchenhandbook.comNew favorite seasoning: Smoky Pistachio Dust from the Ripe cookbook. Blend smoked paprika and toasted pistachios and sprinkle over green beans (or anything, really. I think it would make cardboard taste good).
IMG_2779Something new in the snack department that’s actually good for you: Kiwi berries. About the size of a large grape, they grow on a vine and look like a miniature kiwi on the inside without the fuzzy exterior. The growing season in now! Get some if you can.
IMG_2789Persian friends left a generous box of Persian saffron as a thank you gift. I’m thinking paella. Suggestions for other saffron-centric recipes most welcome.
IMG_2784A bit of tough love on the home front this week after days of my teen ritually “forgetting” to clean her lunch containers. Left this in a small shopping bag on the center of her bed. #meanmommy

How was your week in food?


10.04.2013 at10:17 AM #


We’ve found this delicious Rustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Chickpea Spread to be a great alternative to hummus for the pre-dinner hunger. Can’t seem to keep enough of it around. Give it a try!

10.04.2013 at10:17 AM #

Katie Morford

Sounds delicious. I’m game for anything involving Meyer lemons!

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