My Week in Food

My Week in Food took me to Houston, Texas for several days where I did a bit of book touring and attended a nutrition conference. Here’s what it all looked it, snapped with my iphone.

IMG_2935This was the fabulous cooking school at the fabulous Central Market in Houston, a sort of Whole Foods on speed where I taught a “parent/child” cooking class. The highlight?  A boy of about nine who “doesn’t like salad,” but after making it himself, scarfed down every bite and  exclaimed ,”it’s a wow!” as he raised his little thumb to indicate approval.

Fresh Veggie Bar Central MarketI thought this was a wow, too: the case of cut-up vegetables at Central Market whereby everything from cauliflower to butternut squash is washed, peeled, and prepped. No excuses for not eating your veggies with this at your fingertips.

Saag Paneer Omelette

I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the food in Houston. Indeed, there’s more to Texas than barbecue as evidenced by this spinach, squash and paneer omelette at Pondicheri, a charming eatery with a fresh take on Indian food.

Chai Tea

I also fell for their chai tea. Although I like to make my own, I picked up a tin of theirs to use in a pinch because it was DELICIOUS.

I was surprised to get a free upgrade on my flight home. Although at 5’3 (if I stand up really straight), the leg room is completely wasted on me, I could get used to the warm cookie and cup of tea in a real mug.IMG_2976
I was also surprised to see, upon returning home, that my family had used the organic delicata squash delivered in our CSA box to decorate our front steps for Halloween. I think plastic spiders would have been a little more affordable.

Homemade Preserved Lemons /

I also came home to discover that the lemon tree we planted last fall was ready for harvest. I plucked nearly every fruit and did up a jar of preserved lemons. If you’ve never preserved lemons (easy) or cooked with preserved lemons (transformative), both are worth doing, which you can learn more about over at The Kitchn.

Steel Cut Oats with Seeds and Apple /momskitchenhandbook.comCold air has swept through my fair city and so it seems our Indian Summer is over. Starting the morning with Overnight Steel Cut Oats topped with assorted seeds and diced apple is just right.

Guilt-Free Onion Rings /

These crispy, lightened up onion rings are just right too. Stay tuned for the recipe and a cookbook giveaway coming your way next week.


10.26.2013 at10:24 AM #


Love all your photos – looks like quite a store in Houston. I see all those cut up vegies and wonder how much is wasted because it is not eaten before it goes bad. But then, there are vegies in my fridge that end up in the compost because I didn’t have time to cut them up…

10.26.2013 at10:24 AM #

Katie Morford

The market has incredible prepared foods, so hopefully any extra veggies go into making those dishes.

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