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Butternut Squash Risotto /

It’s been cold by San Francisco standards, so we stayed toasty this week with wholesome, hearty meals starting with this butternut squash risotto. The turkey stock I made after Thanksgiving worked like a dream, along with Meyer lemon zest, and grated Manchego cheese. I didn’t use a recipe, but this one looks pretty darn close.

Afghan Beef Stew with Dill Yogurt /

This was another wintery warmer called Mashawa, a Slow Cooker Beef and Bean Stew topped with dill yogurt. It’s a recipe I adapted back when I was writing about Afghan food and it lives on, along with dozens of other delicious dishes on the website Afghan Culture Unveiled.


My fabulous neighborhood market is hosting me on Saturday at 3 p.m. for a book signing. I’ll have lots of goodies from Best Lunch Box Ever to taste, so pop in to say hi.  2815 Diamond Street, San Francisco.

Honey Date Cake/ momskitchenhandbook.comBroke out Marie Simmon’s latest cookbook, A Taste of Honey, to make these Honey and Date-Nut Squares (excellent).  Didn’t know all the magic that could happen with a simple pot of honey, but this book inspires new ideas.

One pan breakfast /

My One-Pan, Post-Workout Breakfast of the week — kale + egg + tortilla — finished with a little hot sauce and a drizzle of Mexican crema. Slam dunk.

gingerbread house time Favorite annual holiday craft.

one simple change book

I was pleased as punch that my cookbook sold out in six weeks, but check out this popular read by  Winnie Abramson, which flew out of the Amazon warehouse within FIVE DAYS of publication. It’s back in stock soon, so I plan to nab a few copies for Christmas gifts. The book spells out 50 simple ideas to improve your health (and life). The idea is to make just one small change a week, which seems just the sort of thing you want on your bedside table as we roll into a new year.

New light butter from Kerrygold

I’m sometimes skeptical when I spy a new reduced-fat product on the market,  thinking 1) It will fall short on taste 2) Or be pumped up with less-than-stellar ingredients. But I figured good things from Kerrygold, famous for their Irish butter, and I was right. No funky ingredients … and the taste? You’d never know they shaved off 25 percent of the fat and half the salt. Plus, it’s super spreadable, which is especially good for small cooks.

Pesto Pita Pizza

Pesto Pita Pizzas were a hit for school lunch this week and so easy: Whole grain pita + pesto + sliced Mozzarella balls + veggies .

la nebbiaSpeaking of pizza, I checked out La Nebbia, the more casual offshoot of La Ciccia, my neighborhood’s popular Sardinian eatery. The new spot will feature La Ciccia’s tasty, thin crust pies along with other Italian edibles. Door open tonight at 5:30. Go.

thumb_11 - Silver Chunky Hoops Earring

Don’t forget to enter my GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY! These shiny beauties could be on your ears by Christmas.

Light Lemon Mousse /

Stay tuned…So Easy Lemon Mousse coming your way next week.


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Thank you so much for mentioning my book in this post, Katie!

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Katie Morford

Of course! Love the whole concept. Best of luck to you.

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