My Week in Food

Mr. Mom’s Kitchen and I played hooky one morning and did something quite rare — went out for a civilized breakfast. Poached eggs with smoked salmon, a side of spinach. Heaven.

Speaking of spinach, put the kids’ dexterous little fingers to work making spinach gnocci from the Weelicious cookbook.

Procured these handmade blue corn tortillas at La Palma, a favorite Mexican grocery store that’s well worth a visit. I’ve been layering them with pinto beans, cheese, and Kale Salad for work day lunches.

Made yet another loaf of  slow cooker Pumpkin Bread, this time studded with dark chocolate chips and walnuts.

This Mexican Skillet Supper from Amanda Haas’ Real Family Food cookbook drew raves. For extra nourishment, I added diced bell peppers and carrots to the mix, and subbed in brown rice for white. It made excellent leftovers for the lunch boxes.

Just learned this clever new trick for cleaning a blender.  Fill it about half way up with warm water, add a squirt of dish soap, and let it run (being sure you have your hand on top so it doesn’t overflow onto your kitchen counter). Bing! Clean blender.

Ate enough of these little confections to get me through to next Halloween.

How about you?  What did you eat this week?  What did you cook?


11.02.2012 at4:54 AM #


Oooh, love the blender tip! Will have to try it. It takes up too much space in the dishwasher! The pumpkin bread and blue tortillas looks awesome!!!

11.02.2012 at4:54 AM #

Katie Morford

You must come visit San Francisco so you can get yourself some of those tortillas!

11.02.2012 at5:37 AM #


My favorite is the dextrous little fingers making gnoci~~~my they are learning how to cook creatively! Lucky girls!

11.02.2012 at5:37 AM #

Katie Morford

I’m just preparing them to be able to cook for their mother one day if ever I’m ready to retire from the kitchen.

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