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Butter! /

Butter enthusiasm around here is off the rails ever since the kids discovered the “butter keeper” while visiting cousins. Fill it with fresh butter, invert into a vessel of water that creates a seal, and the result is room-temperature-soft butter that doesn’t go rancid. Who’s up for toast?

Millet Porridge with Wilted Kale /

I’m fired up about A Year of Whole Grains officially starting next week. In preparation, I’ve been tinkering with millet, including  millet porridge with Parmesan and wilted kale courtesy of Food 52.

Salted Nut Bars with Dark Chocolate /

Also from Food 52 were these DELICIOUS Salted Nut Bars. I swapped out the buckwheat groats and used millet instead. I also used crispy brown rice cereal in place of puffed quinoa. A future pantry staple around here for sure.

Toasting Nuts / momskitchenhandbook.comThe fact that I didn’t burn the nuts this time  (a rarity) may have contributed to the goodness of the bars. Seems that a 350 degree oven is the magic number for the job.

Quinoa Chili Heather Christos

Heading to the mountains for the long weekend, which is why I dog eared this recipe for Quinoa Chicken Chili from fab food writer Heather Christo.  Favorite foods all in one bowl.

Making Pizza /

Taught two kids’ cooking classes this week, including week one of my “Lunch Lessons” middle school course. First up, whole grain lavash pizza with plenty of greens. They gobbled it down.

Making Madeleines / momskitchenhandbook

As for people who apparently don’t need much help in the kitchen, I had nothing to do with Virginia and her friend Anna whipping up a batch of madeleines along with chocolate for dipping. Yes, that’s crumbled bacon they are using to embellish the cookies.

lunchtrayWEBRESw-copyrightFellow blogger Bettina Siegel is hard at work on behalf of our nation’s school children again. This time, she’s fighting to keep chicken processed in China, a country with an abominable record in food safety, out of our school food system. Read more here and consider signing her petition.

Middle Eastern Lunch / momskitchenhandbook

Favorite lunch of the week — falafel and hummus from my local cheesemonger who makes all his Lebanese goodies in house. Love.


And I’ll leave you with this image of a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, which, at long last is making its way to Northern California. Saturated though we may be with artisanal coffee, plenty of folks are looking forward to those drive-thru coffees and donut holes. You?



01.18.2014 at7:25 AM #


i love every thing about your week in food but the dunkin donuts news is GREAT!!!!!!!!! being from long island, i grew up on DD, it’s the antithesis of 4 barrel, sometimes, often – exactly what a person needs. must google where…..

01.18.2014 at7:25 AM #

Katie Morford

Yes, no pressure for hipster coolness at DD.

01.18.2014 at9:35 AM #


I am curious about the butter keeper. I looked it up on line and it looks great but I wonder, does the butter come out watery? Or slip into the water at the bottom?

01.18.2014 at9:35 AM #

Katie Morford

Strangely, no, it doesn’t. We bought a very inexpensive one on Amazon, FYI.

01.18.2014 at10:07 AM #


Even better, make your own butter- yum! super fun & easy. All you need is whipping cream, a food processor, and some ice cold H2O.

01.18.2014 at10:07 AM #

Katie Morford

Love that idea.

01.18.2014 at1:16 PM #

Bettina at The Lunch Tray

Katie: Thank you for sharing my petition on your wonderful blog. As of today, 54,000 people have signed and I hope your readers will join them!

01.18.2014 at1:16 PM #

Katie Morford

Amazing, Bettina. The fact that we are even considering shipping chicken across the world for processing is so backwards. Add China’s food safety record to the mix and it’s just mind boggling. It would give a whole new meaning to “Chinese Chicken Salad” on school lunch menus.

01.18.2014 at10:05 PM #


Wonderful week in food, especially the chocolate covered, bacon topped cookies! Yum!

01.20.2014 at8:40 AM #

Mary Frances

We have been using our butter keeper for about 6 months now, and I can vouch for it’s near-miraculous ability to keep butter at a perfect spreadable temperature and consistency. It’s even more special (to me) that I was able to create one in my hand-built pottery class, and that it really works!
My pottery instructor had never seen this design, and I had to explain the concept and show her photographs, but she was so impressed with the result (and that it really worked to keep the butter spreadable), that she’s going to include it in her list of suggested projects for future students.
I highly recommend that your readers buy (or make) one for themselves!

01.20.2014 at8:40 AM #

Katie Morford

That’s very cool!

01.20.2014 at4:43 PM #


Hi Katie,
I’m looking forward to trying out the salted nut bars…I am learning to cook gluten free now and they seem like a great snack …one question…I noticed this article on millet and it’s beware message… I am guessing as in everything…moderation is the key. However, if you have any other thoughts on the potential downside or upside of millet would love to learn…

01.20.2014 at4:43 PM #

Katie Morford

Good question, Kelly. Honestly, I don’t think this is something you need to be too concerned about. There is a link, yes, but my understanding is that this is largely in populations in rural Africa that derive the great majority of their calories from millet. I would caution someone with thyroid disease to be mindful of their millet intake. The ideal diet has a variety of grains anyway. I think one of the issues with wheat in the American diet is that highly processed wheat is practically the only grain most of us are eating. I’m publishing my first A Year of Whole Grains post tomorrow featuring millet with a few good recipe ideas. Stay tuned.

01.20.2014 at9:29 PM #

Pam H

I’ve been wondering about the butter bell/keeper since I was a kid. Now that you (and a fellow commenter) have given it the thumbs up, I just bought one! Thanks.

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