My Week in Food

Middle Eastern Roast Chicken /

Proof that my people really like their protein, this roast chicken was met like a long lost friend after many veggie-centric meals over here. I salted it generously and refrigerated it for two days, then squeezed (squoze?) the juice of a lemon over the whole thing, doused it liberally with paprika, turmeric, ground coriander, and sumac, and roasted it  at 375 degrees.

busted dishwasherNot such a hit was our broken dishwasher and an eight-day wait for repairs. We realize how spoiled we are when we have to do without.

Make and freeze pumpkin waffles / momskitchehandbook.comLuckily, not many dishes involved with making waffles. Stirred a fat roasted sweet potatoes into the batter and made enough so we’d have a stack in the freezer for weekday breakfasts.
Breakfast Baked Apples /

Another breakfast favorite were these whole roasted apples made in the toaster oven and topped with Greek yogurt.

Sidewalk Sale Score

Scored these two beauties for a song at a sidewalk sale on Saturday.

This quote from the much beloved Julia Child caught my eye. Made me think how dated (and rightly so) the term “diet food” is.

Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap /

We mostly ate in this week, but loved this meal out: a tikka masala kati roll (aka Indian burrito) with heaps of veggies on the side. Arctic Char with Chermoula /

Made a leisurely fish supper over the weekend from the newish cookbook Fish: 52 Seafood Feasts by Cree LaFavour. I love her name and her book, which she says is “for people who are scared to cook fish and almost as scared to buy it….for anyone who is a little picky about fish—those people who don’t love all fish and who will only eat pristine fish.” Her recipe, by the way, was an across-the-board hit.

Tapas party /

The upside of having a drought is that we’re eating outdoors, even in January. Here,  a little last minute tapas set-up for a few neighbors and their pint-sized offspring.


 Just as I was beginning to wrap my head around babies and toddlers eating meals from a squeeze tube, I see that Chia Squeeze is marketed to moms. It didn’t actually taste so bad, but I think I’ll stick to fork and spoon eating.

Chia Pudding with Raspberries and Pomegranate  /

Much more appealing on the chia front was this berry-topped pudding my oldest made with a friend using this recipe for inspiration. Gorgeous, no?


Also gorgeous is this  Chicken, Balsamic, and Caramelized Onion Flatbread from Aida Mollenkamp. I may have to add that to my Super Bowl line-up in addition to Lentil NachosButternut Squash, Leek, Tiny Mushrooms Tart/ momskitchenhandbook.comMore pie than flatbread was this savory pastry I’m calling “Rummage Tart” since it was the result of rooting around for dinner fixings: leftover pastry dough in the freezer, a couple of leeks and tiny mushrooms in the fridge, and a long-neglected butternut squash on the kitchen counter. Sometimes the odds bits make the best meals.

Overnight Butternut Squash Muffins

I roasted the extra butternut squash to use in a batch of breakfast muffins, prepping the ingredients the night before (I stored the wet mix in the fridge).Beautiful Butternut Squash Muffins /

So in the morning, all that was needed was to stir up the batter and get it into the oven.  

How was your Week in Food?


01.31.2014 at2:10 PM #


Where’s the Indian burrito from? Looks yummy.

01.31.2014 at2:10 PM #

Katie Morford

Kasa…owned by an SFFS family. Click on “tikka masala” and it will take you to their website.

02.01.2014 at8:44 AM #

meg hart

Yum, those muffins look yummy and clever. Love sneaking the veggie into the sweet. Do you have a recipe for that?
Have been making smoothies with Kefir these last few weeks – thanks for bringing it to my attention!

02.01.2014 at8:44 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Meg

Here is the link to the recipe I adapted. I used about 1/2 medium zucchini, coarsely grated, and about 1 generous cup of pureed butternut squash in place of the carrots/zucchini called for in the recipe. I used whole wheat pastry flour as well. The original recipe, by the way, is excellent.


02.01.2014 at11:45 AM #


How long on the apples in the toaster oven? Mouth-watering photo…

02.01.2014 at11:45 AM #


Hi Kristin

I baked the apples at 400 degrees and it took about 35 minutes. Some varieties take longer than others.

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