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Gruyere Souffles with Fresh Corn and Millet /

Started off My Week in Food honing my breakfast skills at cookbook author Megan Gordon’s Whole Grain Mornings cooking class. How pretty are these eggy souffles?

Blood oranges for mimosas / momskitchenhandbook.comAlso pretty were the blood oranges that we squeezed for colorful mimosa to go along with all the breakfast eats. Excellent.
Cheese souffle /

It was a two-souffle weekend since one of my girls decided that’s what was called for on a chilly Saturday afternoon. Yet another argument to teach kids to cook: they will make you souffle. 

Beef and quinoa meatloaf /

Countered all that fancy fare with a down-home Sunday supper of meatloaf and potatoes. I veered from the traditional by using quinoa instead of breadcrumbs and boosted the whole thing with sauteed carrots and greens. Tasty, yes, but a bit of a crumbly mess.


Spied this clever quote festooned on a Greenleaf produce truck, “Shallots are for babies; Onions are for men; Garlic is for heroes.” I’m thinking heroes is just code for mothers.

Chocolate chip banana bread /

A lot of bake sale action happening at the kids’s school so I sent along a trio of one of my favorite banana breads from Cooking Light. This time the chocolate went into the bread instead of on top. Just as good.

Beautiful breads /

I was a little sad to see those loaves leave my kitchen, but made up for it with a trip to our local bake shop.

Boba Tea /
We also visited our local bubble tea shop for the first time, Boba Guys, which uses organic milk, no artificial ingredients, and offers a decaf option for the kiddos. Strange to drink something with tapioca balls bobbling at the bottom, but quite good.

pic-weeknightSpeaking of good, another winner from the inimitable Ellie Krieger to rescue weeknight supper. When Ellie says dinner in 30 minutes, it’s for real. I’ve got my eye on the Mushroom Sloppy Joes and Caramel Peanut Popcorn Balls. Hello!

Taco salad / momskitchenhandbook.comThis is a weeknight wonder of my own: the Takeaway Taco Salad from Best Lunch Box Ever. Love when a simple lunch can translate to dinner (plus it’s a big kid pleaser).

Pesto Broccolini
I’m expecting this to be a kid-pleaser too: Broccolini with Pesto from the bright and sparkly Gaby Dalkin. I need this sort of winter vegetable inspiration to hold me until asparagus season.

Stairwell doubles as a bookcase

Got a little OCD on Saturday night while Mr. Mom’s Kitchen prepped the fajitas. I organized my cookbook collection by color with the aid of my colorist, Virginia. We’ll see how long it lasts.


When it comes to color, I’m smitten by these paints made from natural dyes found in fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Who needs red dye number 5 when you’ve got pomegranate to work with?

granola: bars and breakfast/

We are bound for the mountains so I’ve prepped a few items to sustain us on the slopes. On the left are what I’m calling Hodge Podge Bars since they involved throwing a hodge podge of nuts, seeds, muesli, and millet into a bowl and using almond butter and honey as glue. 20 minutes at 350 degrees and they somehow came out just right. The drizzle of dark chocolate didn’t hurt.
angel food cake /

We finished up the week with an angel food cake by my talented sister-in-law, Alison, in honor of one special three year old boy. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

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02.15.2014 at8:40 AM #


quite a week~~~have fun skiing!

02.15.2014 at9:38 AM #

Anne Mullen

My week included three days in Galveston – windy, cold and rainy – with 10 college friends. We’ve known each other for more than 50 years: reason enough to get together. It is icing on the cake that two of them are chefs so there was lots of good food: two nights of sauteed local fish, wine, big salads, wine, homemade currant scones with raspberry butter, wine, cookies, and don’t forget the wine. The weather didn’t matter because we mostly sit around talking. We’ve been getting together once a year for over 20 years. It was great!

02.15.2014 at9:38 AM #

Katie Morford

Sounds heavenly in every way.

02.15.2014 at6:37 PM #

meg hart

This week, we learned about a Bread Club here in SF, that delivers bread to 4 different neighborhoods(to a central location) for a monthly fee. Its called Fox and Lion Bread Company. We happened to be in a local boutique picking up some Valentine’s goodies when the weekly neighborhood allotment arrived. It smelled soooo good! So excited to try it! Wondering if this is happening all over the place.

02.15.2014 at6:37 PM #

Katie Morford

Must report back!

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