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Spinach and Egg Scramble / momskitchenhandbook.comWe headed for the hills this Week in Food, bound for the ski slopes. First though, a fortifying breakfast of eggs and spinach. IMG_4538On our way out of town, I sent the kids to the market to rent a movie for the trip. They came out with a movie AND a jar of contraband peanut butter with the line “but it’s natural, mom.” Virginia informed us that we shouldn’t buy anything with palm oil because it destroys the rainforest. Tiny food activist in training? Peanut Butter Toast, Elevated / Made the most of the peanut butter by smearing it on whole grain English muffins, and topping it with granola, bananas, and berries. Sustenance for the slopes.

Heard some very good news while we were out of town: My cookbook is a finalist in the IACP awards (considered the Golden Globes of the culinary set). Was already pinching myself when I also learned that my video was also nominated. Fingers crossed.

Pasta and Salad

Back to reality, the kitchen in our tiny mountain condo was about as well equipped as my college dorm room; we kept to simple meals. Old School Tacos

The supplies we brought lasted until the last night, then it was off to the local mini mart where slim pickings meant old school tacos. Forgot how pretty darn delicious those are, “taco meat” and all. Bagel Pizza
Also old school were the pizza bagels we made for lunch one day, updated with whole grain bagels and dark leafy greens.popcorn and wine

After a long drive back and a late arrival home, I told the kids it was every gal for herself on dinner. This was mine.

One Pan Lemon Chicken / momskitchenhandbook

Happy to back in my own kitchen, we invited friends for supper and roasted up chicken slathered in lemon and oregano. Recipe coming to you soon.

Mom's Kitchen

The kids wrote the menu on this chalkboard you may recognize from a few weeks ago. Mr. Mom’s Kitchen saw it too and snatched it up for a Valentine’s Day gift. Swoon.

Chocolate Layer Cake /

Swoon-worthy too was this dessert Rosie and her buddy made for our little gathering. A chocolate layer cake….

Chocolate S'mores Cake /

Taken to a whole new level with a s’mores topping. It’s one very good cake thanks to the talented Heather Christo.


One note of business: Chicago area friends and followers, I’ll be in your neck of the woods doing a Lunch Box Boot Camp demo and book signing on Friday March 14. You’ll find details here. Come!

How was your Week in Food?


02.23.2014 at12:33 PM #


Can I ask…is peanut butter made with palm fruit oil good for you, like the skippy naturals?

02.23.2014 at12:33 PM #

Katie Morford

Palm oil is added to Skippy and many other brands of peanut butter as a stabilizer to keep the oil and peanut butter from separating. My understanding is that palm oil is derived from the fruit of the plant and palm kernel oil is derived from the pit. Both are high in saturated fat, which is linked to increasing cholesterol levels. The palm oil is the preferred of the two because it is also rich in vitamin E and can be extracted without heat. There is much debate about these oils, both over nutrition and environmental impact. Generally speaking, my preference is a peanut butter that is little more than peanuts and salt. I store jars upside down to keep the oil from pooling at the top.

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