My Week in Food

Winter citrus As the winter months wear on, this Week in Food was much about expanding into new fruit and vegetable territory as a way to keep things interesting in the kitchen. We experimented with limequats (so tart) and ate our fill of tiny kishu mandarins (just right).


I tinkered with some not-so-common vegetables, including sunchokes and this fat and hearty root, kohlrabi.

Shaved vegetable salad /

Which earned universal thumbs up shaved in a salad along with fennel, carrots, parsley, Pecorino, lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Try.


Also a hit was dinner made by a couple of the kids, who got playful with winter produce, making delicious roasted squash soup served in their own edible bowls. Make.


Not so popular was Chickweed, which several in the house said tasted like they were “eating lawn” when I tossed it into a salad. Nice.

Persian eggplant chicken

I did break my resolve to eat seasonally by buying eggplant grown in a foreign land. I justified this behavior because it was for a recipe from a foreign land — Persian chicken done in a crockpot. I’d share the recipe, but I’ll need to see your passport first.


Something that never goes out of season is good design. Case in point is this custom-made, cross-body satchel made out of duck tape, which Virginia felt I needed to carry around my cookbook. Luckily, she included my initials so that nobody mistakes the bag for theirs.

Whole grain breakfast sundae /

Treated the kids to an impromptu breakfast sundae using leftover whole grain waffles crowned with Greek yogurt. Frozen blueberries warmed on the stovetop finished the job.

Soft eggs over nettles and beans /

Then I was treated to a beautiful lunch by my friend Erin, who topped tender beans with sauteed nettles from her yard and a pair of perfectly cooked eggs.

Almond tart with preserves and creme fraiche

She baked up a pretty almond tart with creme fraiche and fruit preserves along with tiny cups of tea to end the meal. Spoiled rotten.

Mexican wedding cakes & pineappleI did some baking of my own, these Mexican wedding cakes along with other south-of-the-border specialties in honor of a special guest. Dona Coco, who I told you about back in December, was visiting to be honored by the Dalai Lama for her work on behalf of the children of Oaxaca. Something to celebrate.

Also worth celebrating this week was a lot of good news in food: 1) obesity in children ages 2 to 5 is down 43 percent (astounding) 2) the nutrition facts label is being revised with improvements in the works 3) progress has been made in school lunch funding. Food Politics covers all of these topics, which you can find here.

How was your Week in Food?


02.28.2014 at10:51 AM #

Sally Kuzemchak

The kids and I love kohlrabi! I grew up eating it from my dad’s garden and I grew it for the first time in my garden last year. We like it peeled, cut into sticks, and salted. It’s surprisingly sweet.

02.28.2014 at10:51 AM #

Katie Morford

Great tip Sally. It reminds me a little bit of red cabbage.

03.01.2014 at9:12 AM #

erin @ yummy supper

Katie, thanks for coming to Berkeley. I’m honored to be part of your “Week in Food!”
Have a nice weekend with your family.
P.S. I was just enjoying one of your tasty bars with my morning coffee:)

03.01.2014 at9:12 AM #

Katie Morford

Those bars are my favorite for breakfast.

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