My Week in Food

If you’ve been following along at all on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that I’m headed to Chicago for a couple of book events/a culinary conference/and to find out if my book and video will snag an IACP award. Fingers and toes crossed.

I don’t know about you, but for me, getting my house and kids in order before I leave is a little overwhelming, which is why I’m so late with My Week in Food. Let’s just call it Two Weeks in Food.

Chocolate and vanilla almond milk

The tinkering with nut milk continues. Here I used raw cashews in place of almonds, a few pitted dates instead of honey, and whirled half the batch with a couple tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder for a creamy chocolate cashew number. Love.

Pita pocket eggs

Speaking of love, these out-the-door egg pockets filled with arugula and feta went over well all around.

Dark chocolate muesli / momskitchenhandbook

The theme for these past weeks would have to be “sheet pan baking” since my oven has been working overtime starting with a batch of Deep Dark Chocolate Muesli.

Roasted vegetables

Next up was a big batch of roasted carrots, sunchokes, and radicchio.

Arctic char with tarragon

Which I served alongside arctic char with a tangy tarragon sauce from the fabulous Fish cookbook by Cree La Favour (I’m in love with her book and her name).

Kale and Chard Enchiladas Verde / momskitchenhandbook

More sheet pan cooking with these enchiladas. I sauteed every dark leafy green in the fridge, mixed them with cilantro, lime juice, sour cream, and Cheddar, and smothered it all with green enchiladas sauce.

school lunch

A sheet pan’s worth of enchiladas meant plenty of leftovers for school lunch, making light work for all of us the next morning.

Whole wheat sticky buns / momskitchenhandbook

On the more decadent side, I spied these Whole Wheat Sticky Buns in the pages of Martha Stewart Living and was overcome with a need to make them. Sometimes the best baking comes out of no occasion or obligation at all.

Challah Pretzel Bread

I’m thinking this may be my next “no occasion” baking project: challah pretzel bread from the talented Kate Ramos. Hello!

Roasted romesco with walnuts and feta

Had a “pull everything out of the fridge” moment that came together when I roasted Romanesco (a green, slightly pre-historic-looking cauliflower), red onion, olive oil, lemon, and salt. Walnuts and feta went into the pan for the final 10 minutes. Just right for Sunday lunch. Roasted squash soup fixingsFixings for a squash soup went into the oven, too: onions, garlic, apples, and butternut squash, roasted until tender. I scooped the flesh of the squash into a blender along with all the other ingredients , chicken broth, a little cream, and Moroccan spices. Voila….

Roasted squash soupDinner!

Polenta and wild mushrooms

This was a departure from all the sheet-pan cooking: Polenta with Mushrooms and Soy from the New York Times Magazine. Good, but not as good as this version of the dish I reported on earlier in the year.

The week wasn’t without a few disappointments, including a scone that failed to rise and a green smoothie that the kids declared belonged in the compost.

How was your Week in Food?


03.13.2014 at7:37 AM #


it all looks yummy as always-
what ‘s the green enchilada sauce?

03.13.2014 at7:37 AM #

Katie Morford

This was store-bought. Frontera brand I think. Tori Richie has a good homemade one that’s super easy on her blog called Tuesday Recipe.

03.13.2014 at9:36 AM #


what a great week point five in food. wrt the salad you sent to school with the leftover enchiladas, do you send dressing on the side? so far, not doing salad in there, but it’s a lofty goal (to see it eaten, i mean… :)). great good luck for your book. pulling for you! -julie

03.13.2014 at9:36 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks julie….yes, salad dressing on the side. Often it’s just olive oil and vinegar…sometimes just a lemon wedge. Ideally, I make a bigger dinner salad than we need, and then just siphon off enough for lunch salads.

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