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OystersStarted the week off on a fancy note at a birthday party for my sister-in-law where a barrel of oysters and a big bottle of bubbly greeted us before we even got to the front door. My kind of party.

Scallops so pretty

Followed by these sunlit scallops, as delicious as they were pretty.

Crock pot white beans with fennel tops

It all turned pedestrian back at home the next day with these slow cooker cannelini beans about to be put on to simmer. I used the same basic technique as my pinto beans, with the addition of a couple of fennel tops added to the pot.

A healthy lunch at DisneylandThen we were off on a spring break road trip. First stop — Disneyland — where I was happy to find healthful options for lunch. I do wish the kids’ meal wasn’t limited to the “nine and under” set. This sandwich was portion enough for an adult.

Fresh fruit at Disneyland

While there was no shortage of churros, caramel apples, and cotton candy, the park was also dotted with these fresh fruit stands. Kudos, Disney.

Snapseed (1)

Stayed with a college friend in So. Cal and entertained ourselves by thumbing through her mom’s old recipe box. This was a standout: Corned Beef Salad made with Miracle Whip, lemon Jello, and canned corned beef. Sounds so positively bad, I sort of have to try it….just to see. No?

Beautiful berriesWe stopped at LA’s legendary Santa Monica farmers’ market, where I wanted to buy up every basket of these beautiful berries.

Tower of tuna tartare

This tuna tartare tower felt very “LA”, but not so much as seeing Al Pacino in the dining room of the restaurant. My trip was officially complete.

Easy CiappinoOn our way out of town, we picked up a beautiful loaf of bread at Huckleberry, my new favorite casual eatery. The bread was perfect the next day for mopping up the juices of ciappino I made to enjoy with friends on Good Friday. Mine was a lot like this one from Giada de Laurentiis.

Opinions of SF soda tax

I thought this bit of food for thought was worth sharing. The folks behind Real Food Real Talk asked if I would be one of seven mostly local, mostly food professionals to contribute a 100-word opinion piece on the proposed tax on sodas in San Francisco. Whether you’re pro or con, there are some interesting perspectives here.

Egg in Prosciutto cups

This sort of made my week — a photo in my inbox from a friend who whipped up a half dozen of my Prosciutto & Spinach Egg Cups. Success!

Hope you all had a lovely Week in Food. It’s a busy Saturday today as I’m prepping to host 19 for Easter tomorrow. I’ll be reporting back about that next week. In the meantime, Happy Easter.


04.19.2014 at3:37 PM #


Hi Katie,
I wanted to tell you that I love your website which I located after borrowing Best Lunch Box Ever from my local library here is Australia!
My family and I will be in California on the way to and from Canada at the end of the year and your website has inspired me plan a road trip and try local produce.
We are not sure about Disneyland though? What are your thoughts on making the trip? We have two girls 7 & 10.
Also any suggestions on other must see places/regions would be most helpful.
Thank you!

04.19.2014 at3:37 PM #

Katie Morford

Hi Kirsten,

Nice to know my book made it’s way to a library in Australia! I will email you directly with a few thoughts for your road trip!

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