My Week in Food

Pistachio Almond Bark

The week started with a birthday bash for a friend with a “no gifts” directive. I figured dark chocolate pistachio almond bark might be the exception to the rule, especially since the birthday boy is chocolate and nuts nut.

DIY sushiThe party was for grown-ups only, so the kids kept themselves busy at home with a little sun-drenched sushi making.

Cheesy Mini MeatloavesCan meatloaf be described as adorable? Apparently yes. And delicious. Another hit from Sally Kuzemchak’s Dinnertime Survival Guide (I swear she’s not paying me kickbacks).

Make and Freeze Mini Meatloaves

I made a double batch and stowed the extra in the freezer for school lunches.

Lunch Box Taco SaladThis was another school lunch shortcut: Chicken Tinga Taco Salad.

Chicken TingaWhich started out as Tinga Tostadas for supper the night before.

IMG_5489New discovery at Trader Joe’s: Organic frozen figs. I’ve never seen frozen figs. Anyone tried them?

Bagel Baked French Toast

Proof that stale bagels are the mother of invention. I cut 3 of them into 1/2-inch slices, layed them in an 8-inch buttered pan, poured eggs whisked with milk, vanilla, and cinnamon over the top. It baked into a tasty French toast. Pass the maple syrup.

Fruit and yogurt breakfast buffet

This was my kind of “all you can eat” breakfast buffet following a girlie sleepover:  yogurt, berries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and honey.  A hit.

One of my favorite reads of the week was from Maryann Jacobsen addressing how to handle a food-fixated kids. Good stuff here.

SONY DSCAs Mother’s Day approaches, I thought I’d share a post I wrote a while back: The Only Recipe to Follow on Mother’s Day.


I’m having fun over on Instagram these days. You can find and  follow me here.

blueberry hand pies

This scrumptiousness is coming your way soon: Homemade Whole Grain Blueberry Hand Pies. Seriously good.

How was your week in food?



05.04.2014 at5:49 AM #


looking forward to finding your instagrams! love the posts!

05.04.2014 at5:51 PM #

Jane McKay

Ooh loving the stale bagel French toast, and mini meatloafs for dinner and a packed lunch. Inspired!

05.04.2014 at5:51 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Jane…what I love about the mini meatloaves is an abundance of all that good crust. Plus, kids love anything in a pint-size package.

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