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Dark Chocolate Layer CakeThe week started with a birthday in our house. Big sis made middle sis this chocolate layer cake with a ganache frosting pulled from the pages of the Flour cookbook.

Chocolate Chocolate Layer Cake

Being home alone with leftover chocolate cake all week? Not so good for me. Frosting and self control don’t go hand and hand.

waffles and icecream breakfast

Chocolate was how we ended the day, and also how we began it. The birthday girl requested breakfast of waffles with ice cream. I used Marion Cunningham’s excellent recipe for overnight yeast-raised waffles using whole grain pastry flour.

Whole Grain Yeast-Raised Waffles

We had plenty leftover, so I let them cool completely, and stowed them in the freezer for weekday toaster waffles.

Slow Cooker Pork in Salsa Verde

Was only too happy to heed Rosie’s request for a so-easy birthday dinner of slow cooker Mexican pork, a 2-ingredient dish that involves pouring 1 jar tomatillo salsa over 1 pound of pork tenderloin. Cook until tender (5 or 6 hours on high?).

Fruit Cake Tower

Speaking of birthdays, love this pretty Fruit Tower Cake featured on Weelicious. Leftovers wouldn’t be a such a problem with this one.Kale Cake?

An example of a healthy cake taking things a bit too far, perhaps, was this Kale Cake, I spotted on Pinterest.

Kale and Cheddar Quesadillas

Putting kale in cake may be pushing the envelope, but I was grooving on these Kale and Cheddar Quesdillas for lunch this week. I sauteed kale in olive oil and tucked it into whole wheat tortillas with cheese, sour cream, and salsa, and crisped it in a pan.

Salad and Oozy Cheese Dinner

Looking back, it seems I was trying to balance out my adventures with chocolate by heavying up on salads. This was a dinner one night when Mr. Mom’s Kitchen was out of town: oozy cheese, little gems salad, grilled bread, a glass of pink wine to wash it down.

Kales Salad with Soft Egg

More kale here in a salad with a soft-cooked egg on the side.

photo (23)

And a lunch box salad with an avocado to help fill up the tank long enough to get the kiddos through the school day.

Compostable Ziplock Bags

Curious to try these out in school lunches this coming week: resealable sandwich bags that are compostable. Air Plant Tablescape
Treated myself to a new tablescape of air plants from the fabulous Flora Grubb. If you live in San Francisco and haven’t been, go. They have alittle Ritual coffee bar there too.

Infused Water Bottle

New favorite household find: fruit-infused glass water bottles. #betterthansoda

Mother's Day Blooms

Lastly and most importantly, Mother’s Day flowers for the mothers and grandmothers in our life.. Wish I could give them to you too.  Happy Mother’s Day!











05.11.2014 at6:02 AM #


Happy Mother’s Day! I wish I could have some of that cake today … yum!

05.11.2014 at6:02 AM #

Katie Morford

It was pretty yum!

05.11.2014 at9:23 AM #


love that cake!

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