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The Week in Food got off to an auspicious start when dozens and dozens of perfectly ripe Blenheim apricots landed on my doorstep from an apricot farmer in thanks for a favor. Realizing how such favors can pay off, I’m officially pimping myself out to support/aid/help any and all summer fruit farmers. Pass it on.


The apricots were so ripe and ready, we got busy making jam using David Lebovitz‘recipe for inspiration. Easy, so long as you keep an eye on the pot, which I didn’t, resulting in a jam that is mildly “seasoned” with a burnt flavor. We also did up a batch of jam from olallieberries we picked at Phipps Ranch using this method I shared a couple of years ago. Also easy! Make jam, people, just watch the pot.


I didn’t put all of the olallieberries into the jam. I set some aside for  these Lemon Muffins, a recipe adapted from Marion Cunningham. Despite having to substitute several ingredients (my pantry was bare) and using whole wheat for half of the flour, the muffins turns out fabulously, a testament to Marion’s talent as a recipe writer. Farmers Market

The fact that our garden is thriving was apparently a signal to my young entrepreneurs to plunder every last cucumber, zucchini, and squash blossom and set up shop with a mini farmers’ market down the road. They talked me out of a few jars of apricot jam, which they marketed as “Smokey Apricot Jam.” Samples at the table ensured buyers knew what they were getting before making the commitment to mildly burnt preserves.

Squash Blossom Quesadilla / MOMS KITCHEN HANDBOOK

I was thankful that the squash blossoms were a mystery to most buyers, so I got to take some of those back into the kitchen. First, Mexican style in simple quesadillas.DIY Summer Pizza / MOMS KITCHEN HANDBOOK

Next, as a colorful topping for make-your-own-pizza night.

Grilled Zucchini and Tomato with Balsamic / MOMS KITCHEN HANDBOOKA lone squash remained in the garden, so I grilled that, tossed it with a juicy tomato and added a drizzle of the  balsamic glaze one of you fine readers mentioned in the comments section of my Trader Joe’s post.

Waffle Iron Veggie Grilled Cheese / MOMS KITCHEN HANDBOOKWe may be steeped in summer produce, but I haven’t abandoned my kale for the season. Here, tucked between slices of bread with sharp Cheddar done up in a Belgian waffle iron. I’ll have another, thank you.


Finished up the week at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk  where we made a new “fair food” discovery: Twisted spuds. An entire potato is put through a hand-cranked gizmo that turns it into one  continuous spiral. It’s then threaded onto a skewer and fried. Not exactly health food, but compared to the other offerings at the park, was about as wholesome as it got. And with a cold beer at the end of a hot day? Just about right.


As for the week ahead, I plan to pull out the cookie cutters to do up these fruit wands from Weelicious for a simple Fourth of July treat. So simple

How was your Week in Food?



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